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    Chanting of Hymns, Mantras and prayers isn't it amazing?

    When we hear Mantra, prayers, and hymns with full concentration the way their lyrics are composed and the meaning it conveys isn't it amazing how people from that ancient times related very little things in life to the big meanings. No matter which religion it is about but the way they are composed they affect heart and soul of a person. Yesterday I went to a Gurudwara and heard some parts of Gurubani which I didn't understand very well but I really liked the music and voice of the singer which was clearly showing his dedication for those lines.
    Do You like to listen to this chanting and understand the meaning?
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    It is true. When you hear the chanting by the people in the place of worship will really bring happiness to us. The way they read, their rhythm and style really we feel very happy. Recently we performed some rituals in our house. The pundit while chanting the rhythmic mantras in between stopping for a while and explaining all the viewers there the meaning of the mantra and how it is to be pronounced and why it is required , really we are able to appreciate the entire show. Really those three days we spent very happily in the house with five pundits and the ha-van they conducted. It gives freshness to the mind and makes us more energetic . We used to get up at 4 AM and start the program and the day will be completed by 8 PM and then only the pundits used to take food. We should appreciate their discipline and methodology they follow in conducting the entire program so meticulously, I was very much impressed.
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    Well the Arya Samaj is doing Pooja or Yagna & I am also the part of this which comprises of the system wherein we do the Aahuti or offering. What we do used to be followed by our great ancestors who didn't believed in idol worship.

    All the procedures are scientific & based on or taken from the four Vedas. Its really amazing to listen to those which certainly makes us in peace & confident in the way that everything in this world is being taken care of by that Parmatma or the Supreme Power.

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    I'm not really into chants and hymns because I'm an atheist. But I like the poetry, music and sublime science in hymns.
    The aum sound. It just vibrates and fills up body with life. There are so many Vedic mantras that explains science. There are slokas or geetas like hanuman chalisa telling the distance between Sun and earth.
    I'm interested in that hidden science.

    Ex: Rigveda describes directions of trade winds and science behind water cycle.

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    @ Aditya this thread here is not about being an atheist or being a devotee. It is about appreciating the essence of these prayers, hymns, and mantras even if we don't connect well with them and the music too with it is composed.
    I myself don't categorize myself in any of the categories of believer, atheist, antagonist, and devotee because I don't fit in any of them. Neither I deny the existence of God nor do I approve of it I am just in search of a belief.
    I just appreciate these myths and stories of gods and goddesses. And these hymns also added in my fondness in the study of religion.

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    Yes it is the fact that Mantras, slokas ,chants, hymns and religious discourses take us to different world of understanding and we would be spell bound with acquiring new knowledge altogether. If you enter the holy Tirumala temple , Om Namo Venkatesaya.. hymn and govinda , govinda .. chants by the devotees will vibrate and create a devotional feeling in yourself. Even the Azaan from any mosque five times a day is the thing to hear and understand. The high pitch of voice and modulation of the Azaan would force every one to listen the call for rendering the Namaz five times a day. And at the churches, the big bell sounds the start of worship and that is the indication that one must ready for the mass. So every religion follows their own way of prayers and it is for the people to understand the importance of prayers. That means people should devote some time for the God by leaving their responsibilities for a while.
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    The religious chants or hymns have their own place in many people's lives. It fills us with a sense of satisfaction and fills us with spiritual energy. Even though I do not understand all the meanings of the religious songs or prayers of many languages, just listening to them makes me feel satisfied as the tone and the rendition of the song and the peaceful music all adds a spiritual element to a song. Whenever we go to a temple and perform an archana, if the crowd is less, then the regular priest slowly chants the mantras and it is a delight to hear it. In temples, playing of the songs and hymns help to heighten the awareness of the devotees.

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    Our elders given mantras etc only to our benefits through their personal experience. The mantras, temple shrines, holy water and ash are enriched with vibration. Infact a foreign visitor who came out of Madurai Meenakshi Temple told that he felt vibration when he received and applied the holy ash from the priest. Once a learnt person approached a saint who was in Dhyan as how he believed the existence of God as one cannot see or touch the God. The saint replied through a counter question what was he possessing in his pocket. The person replied he kept a bottle of honey.
    Saint:honey?how it is and what it is?
    Man:sir,it is of maroon colour but tastes super sweet.
    Saint:sweet?please explain the taste.
    Man:I have not expected you are this much fool. Sweetness cannot be explained in words but it can be realised only by experience.
    Saint:yes, my dear son. Similar to this God can be realised only by personally experienced.
    From this short story we can come to a position that the effect of mantras can be realised by personally chanting.

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    This why we get the positive energy from the religious place. The words and it's pronunciations are the very important. It only take us to spirituality and bring peace in mind. It is indeed amazing to feel the electrifying energy from these Mantra or chanting.

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    In ancient time some scholars have done magnificent work in religious poems in sanskrit and they have crafted the musical and melodious ways of pronunciating these mantras etc in a particular manner to create a mesmerising effect on the audience.

    These things are developed long back and traditionally coming up to present time.

    In many religions such chantings are there in one form or other but the purpose is to impress the audience with it's sheer energy and effect.

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    The chanting of mantras and slokas in an ambience of a sacred temple have a serene and calmly effect on the people listening to it. Whether you believe in God or not, these hymns will make you peaceful and happy and you will feel forgetting all the worldly affairs.
    Who invented them and how they came into their present form may be a matter of research but there effect on us is unparalleled.
    Probably this is the reason why people take solace in these activities and attend these divine prayers.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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