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    Such is the deadly game of jallikattu

    Thousands race to cage the raging bull
    Tugging it by reins, they try to pull
    The anxious and cornered bull sways
    here and there.
    Some lose limbs. Some on their face
    get impaled.
    Tightening their grip
    They try to flip
    The humongous herbivore
    Bathed in blood and gore.

    The bovine is now hungry for vengeance
    These jumpy humans are it's only hindrance
    Those slender hooves jolt and jerk
    Saber-like horns pierced and struck
    Foolish humans place reward over life
    Onto the marauding beast they dive

    Such is the deadly game of Jallikattu
    A battle between a man and a bull.
    Does the sight of bloodshed pleasure you?
    If not, then why are you standing for it youth?
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    Some times though we may not like some activities, we have to side with the happenings, just because it is the ritual and others also follow it. Jallikattu is the Veera Vilayattu as termed in Tamil. That means it required the strength and courage of the warrior to tame the bull. The bulls were trained, for this great show off and thus once they are freed at the vaadivasal or the entrance, they come charging with vengeance and anger. And that has to be controlled by the warrior groups which are vying to take the honor of taming the bull but many a time failures and injuries and even deaths happen as part of the game so blood stains no matter.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan, Sati was also a ritual so would your support continuing with that too?

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    A wonderful narration Aditya, a few events happen in the name of tradition that tests the manliness of the human vs the bull. It is a no brainer, the bull would come out standing if it was a one to one contest. I have no objection to any individual or group who want to tame the bull and get killed in the process. It would be there wish.

    But what I'm concerned about is the lives of bystanders (in the crowd) or the public who get trampled and killed for their fault of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. It is even more sad to imagine the plight of the dependents (parents,wife or children) of such young men who give up their lives at the spur of the moment.

    I think, we need to highlight the illogical waste of a life and its impact on the family, or a grievous injury and the hospital bills that are footed by the family or the tax payer. If we focus on this rather than the caste and tradition, people would change in time.

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    It is a game of brained person with a no brain animal. In the name of tradition, why people should lose their lives. Somehow I am not in agreement with this type of acts. The bulls may be well trained and the man who wants to tame it may also a trained person. But what is the necessity for him to go and expose himself to a risk with an animal? Even a man don't know how he behaves when he is angry. As such how to anticipate the behaviour of an animal when it is in an angry mood.
    The important point to be noted here is the game is making the viewers also risky. They may be standing there for watching the fun but they may also get affected by the wild animal. So even I don't encourage people going there and standing to die themselves. We don't know what happens and who is going to be suffered. A game with your life is not a good deal under any proposition.

    always confident

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    I appreciate your passion towards humans and increasing hospital bills. But have you forgotten how bad these animals/bulls are tortured in this game? They are punched in the face, stabbed, sometimes they throw pepper or chili powder in their eyes, nose and genital areas to aggravate the bull. Animal activists widely protested this game not because humans are harmed or killed, because the torture these bulls undergo. Many instances showed where the bull's vertebrae and tail bones are fractured in this game. And because of the complaint filed by Animal Welfare Board of India, this game was banned for a brief period and later reinstigated under the condition that these animals must be registered under the Animal Welfare Board and the game must be conducted under the invigilation of the members of Animal Welfare Board.

    Once again I say, I appreciate your concern for humans but humans have the ability to think, self-reflect, to empathize and stay in harmony. He may want to get killed for sport. That's his choice. He can even opt out of it since God has given the man a thing called 'brain' with which he can think. But what about animals? These poor animals are slaughtered for the sake of fun which is practiced in the name of ritual.

    @K Mohan
    With the evolving society, there are many rituals that are/were cruel and barbaric. Since it is a ritual which is practiced since ages, it doesn't mean that we can simply stand as a mute spectator. We need to change along with our ethics and oppress such unethical practices.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Point accepted. Glad you noted it. I willfully ignored points from the viewpoint of the animals because sadly the value of a human life is 'very cheap' in our country. I personally feel that only when we realize the value of human life, then we can understand the value of an animal and its suffering. Until we do this, we will have bullfights, cockfights, snake charmers etc.

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    Thank you and I meant no offense to you. There are ample amount of animal abuses (other than meat industry) in which the animals are harmed just for fun or sport. As you said cockfight, is a very popular sport in Andhra Pradesh (Eluru, Bimavaram, Godavari Districts etc). I say it as a betting game. There is an official ban on this sport but no government official dares to oppose it. Lakhs and crores of rupees will be spent by betting on this cockfight game. Yes, there are many animal cases of abuse in the name of sport/fun which needs to be eliminated.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Sati is altogether different ritual and that cannot be compared with bull taming. Sati is the personal issue of a woman who lost her husband and it is left to her discretion whether to end the life on the pyre of the husband. Whereas Jallikattu is the game and bull taming is the display of strength and courage by the surging young men against the agitated bull. By the way Sati has been completed chapter and no modern women now stoop to the level of killing herself just because her husband died. She can live as single women or widower with all her abilities. But in bull taming, either you tame it or vanish.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan, these are your words and not mine " just because it is the ritual and others also follow it". Sati is a ritual too and is completely comparable with any other ritual be it with humans or animals. Sati was not just a personal issue but an issue of the whole society where the woman was forced to jump into fire since supposedly she had no purpose in her life now that her husband has died. It is now a finished chapter because better sense prevailed among the leaders of our society and they decided to fight against it. Same is required for any other such ritual which plays with the life or betterment of humans or any other animal.

    Jallikattu is a blatant torture of an innocent animal for fun sake. If you fail to feel sympathy for the poor animals you lack not common sense but humanity.

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    @K Mohan

    'Tame it or vanish'
    Am sorry, did I miss your logic here? Is a bull a wild animal to be tamed or is it a cruel monster as without taming it, people will vanish? The present day's bull was inbred from different breeds of the wild animal so that it can be domesticated and this inbreeding, which resulted in present day's farm animal called Ox happened thousands of years ago. This animal is in use for various activities like farming, transportation and much more for thousands of years.

    You need not prove your strength by fighting an agitated bull, and that agitation was intentionally induced by humans by using chili powder, feeding it alcohol etc. Do you think that abuse is a good ritual?
    And I completely don't understand your version of differentiating cruelty against humans and animals. Be it a human or be it an animal, cruelty is cruelty which must be condemned. And in my opinion animal cruelty needs special attention where people find amusement in torturing or abusing them. They need not do that to prove their strength. There are plenty games which don't involve animal cruelty or any animal in the first place to prove their strength. If a person doesn't have empathy for these poor animals, have some sympathy at least. And it alarmingly surprises me that in this brutal sport most people are worried about humans who get injured by the bull but not the poor animal who receives intense abuse by not only a single person but many who are participating there. People just ignore the fact that he is getting injured by his own will or for his own pleasure or amusement. People feel the value of animal life is cheaper than any other.There is no humanity left when a person finds pleasure in animal abuse.

    By the way, as Ankit said, Sati was not a personal issue, it was a social ritual in olden days where women were forced to enter burning pyre along with her dead husband. If it was a personal issue why would Raja Ram Mohan Rai fight so much against it to abolish this system from India? No, sati is not a personal choice, it was a barbaric practice by the then Hindu society.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Such is the condition of the country today youth is busy on their Android smartphones they don't have time to fight for the rights of neither humans nor animal until it effects them.
    And Politics is all about appeasing various religion, culture, and tradition even if these things are very wrong.
    If there happens a public discourse about the topic I will always against such cruel game in the name of a tradition but can I myself start a campaign for it I don't think so It is the opinion of remaining youngster who at least gives it a thought.
    As you are also a youngster you can speak about it in a discourse but can you start a campaign, No I don't think so because it will create a political controversy. And it is human nature who really thinks good about the society always avoid controversy. So the best thing is to create a platform where people can speak their heart out about such cruelty, not just opinion but all the pros and cons of the topic to be discussed.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    @Aditya very good narration.

    When we talk about a tradition, we need to analyse few of the reasons behind it. We have no habit of documenting our practices in olden days. Even if it was documented, they may not be saved. We have been using turmeric for a longer time, without knowing that acts as an antibiotic. The same way, this Jallikattu may be continuing to happen without knowing it's purpose.

    Before talking about the purpose, I would like to clear few things, I watched Jallikattu from the place it happens. It is not true that, the bull are tortured as mentioned by Natrajan sir. Many organisations, who purposely wanted to stop Jallikattu, have created those scenes and broadcast the same with the help of media.
    True Jallikattu is, the bull will be freed from one entrance, run to certain distance. In that short distance, whoever held the bull for 3 feet will be considered as winners and given prizes. Bull will be given prize, if it did not let any one to touch it. The bull will be given higher rank, if it stands in middle of that distance and rotate for once or more than once.

    In olden days, the winner bull is known as breeding bull. With these games, they find the best bull to breed. Even now, in rural areas, these games are conducted for same reason and not just for bringing injuries to any. Like many other games, it needs to be regulated and not to be stopped.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    I am sure that the people who are oppose Jallikattu never seen it in person. Just see few decorated clippings and comment on it is ridiculous. Few medias especially from North India shows those kind of clippings repeately by benefitting themselves from few organizations who have link with corporates.If you are really concern on animals means give up your leather products and non veg food first.

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    This was a big issue , bigger than all economic or developmental or health issues of the country. that it was given top priority and law was passed by the state and central government to reinstall its status. This time also I saw the local fractions of political parties were shining their politics in Jallikattu events. In the name of culture, this game was legalised. What is the importance of this has not been clear till.

    If we look at it as a game, then it should be regulated properly to avoid injuries to human beings and cruelty against the animal.

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