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    Dowry System : Social Evil In India

    In our Indian society, there are numerous problems like superstitions, illiteracy, caste system, and dowry system etc. It is surprising that even in these days of the 21st century, we are still drowned in the dark depth of these evils.
    One of the worst evils of Indian society is dowry system. The word "Dowry" means the property and the money that bride brings to her husband's home or property or cash that is demanded from her by her husband's family. Not only uneducated and villagers but educated ones also demand dowry from their daughter-in-law. It is material of joy to husband and his family who get cash, property, furniture, car etc. Few family demands at the time of engagement or before marriage by saying that our son faces difficulty in going to his office if you give us the car he would go to office easily and forcefully bride's parents had to fulfil demands. On the other hand, there are families who show their colours after marriage. They force their daughter-in-law to get the thing they want from her parents and if she is not able to fulfil they kill her or do some other crime and sometimes girl commit suicide.
    Proper education of the girls should be provided to them so that they can know many laws have been formulated against dowry system and girls instead of commit suicide should file the police complaint against her husband. What you all think about this?
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    Dowry, a stigma that couldn't be erased from our society even after almost of 7 decades of freedom and the formation of our constitution formation.
    Still, such stigma exists even after all the laws and rules made against it no one gives much attention and stays hidden in the whole Indian society in the name of gifts. People openly demand it as if they don't have any shame left in them. It means that just laws and their implementation can not erase this stigma.
    1. We can't change the mentality of many old people as they were molded in a kind of environment but they can be made feared by law by the strict implementation.
    2. what else we can do is teach our new generation especially the importance of being self-dependent living a life on one's own earned money because gifts don't provide luxury for whole life, And girls need to be taught to stand against such atrocity against them and clearly say no for any such relation involving a transaction of money because its not marriage its business.

    Society needs to evolve with time and grow up from such traditions which keeps pulling us from the development of the nation as well as self.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    How much ever educated people are getting and how much ever modernized people get, the mentality still remains the same for many people. There are so many in India who expects dowry from the girl's house and also they expect expensive items.
    Yesterday itself I was talking to one of my close friend and I was shocked to hear that her parents have given each and every house hold item to her husband's house such as fridge, bike, sofa, cot etc. When asked why did her parents give all that, she said that the guys family was expecting it. He's being a love marriage and her husband being a software engineer still did not take a stand against it. This way there are thousands of people who expect valuable items from a girl's family and changing the mentality of people is really very difficult.

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    Dowry is the persistent menace and this problem is faced in every community and cannot be eradicated though stringent laws and rules are made. There are many school of thoughts on this issue. Even the groom does not demand the dowry and readies to marry the girl just for her looks and her family background , the society feels that some thing wrong with the groom and that is why dowry was not demanded. And expressly every parent of the girl makes provision for some extra amount to be given to the future son in law, because they does not want to see unhappiness in the eyes of their daughter. All these factors lead to the dowry system existing and accepted from the back door method. Nevertheless the high education and awareness created through social media and television there has been change and shift in thinking process regarding dowry.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Dowry is the appalling peril present in our society. It has been rooted deeply in the society and it will take many years for this spectre to be eradicated. No matter how much awareness is given, it is still widely practiced in our country. The alarming situation present days is that people are educating their son's not in the sense of their settlement in life but as a source of extra dowry. Higher the qualification higher the demand for dowry. Even the groom is in a situation to feel proud of it. Parents think that their son is a great source of income and the bride is their investment return policy. Most of them do not treat their daughter in law as a person, rather they see her a money machine. Very disheartening. And also educated persons are also behaving like this, surprisingly much more than illiterates.

    This needs to be eradicated. The only way for this is that people should change the way of thinking. Without which, it isn't possible to root out this problem. There are surplus instances recorded where the bride has committed suicide or even been killed. Anti-dowry propaganda has to reach people much more than present scenario. Vast resources for advertising, penalizing those who take dowry or even to those who give it must be made a strict constitutional rule.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    The dowry system is a real problem in the society. But I feel these days some change in the attitude of the boy and his parents is seen. Slowly the percentage of girls is coming down. Getting a suitable girl these days is really becoming a problem.
    I heard in our society before this dowry system coming into existence, there was a system of purchasing girls by men for marrying by giving money to the parents if the girl. Those days old men were opting for girls of very less age by offering money. Slowly that system was gone and the dowry system has come into existence during the period where the number of boys to get married are less when compared to girls. But now the numbers changed. Girls are looking for the boy who meets her specifications. These days I am seeing many boys desperate to get a girl for marriage and they are ready to bear the expenses of the marriage from both sides also. But the7 are not getting. So I feel very soon this dowry concept will definitely diminish if not completely eradicated.

    always confident

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    Few trends can't be stopped at once.

    We can lay down numerous of theories but the fact remains that this has become the status symbol which remains at the root level.

    Education & awareness should be expanded to the deepest level & the law should be on uncompromising state when such incidences happens.

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    Before thirty to forty years we can say about dowri problem as the demand could be found. As the marriages subsequent to love affairs increased nowadays the question of dowri does not arise. Moreover the girls employed well the income of girl itself a dowry. There is no dowry in its original name presently but people of girl side are automatically giving deposits/items in the name of otherwise dowri so as to establish their status. Demanding the same only be so called expecting banned. In one house the bride side people are ready to provide money/jewell etc.equally to that of their first daughter in order to avoid parity between them later.

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    Dowry system would exist for a long time because it is the easiest way to earn money at the expense of the poor family whose only fault is to agree to give away their daughter in marriage.
    Many people, even now have this mentality that we are accepting their daughter into our house and look after her, hence the girl's family have to contribute.
    If you look at a purely analytical form, any man needs a source of income either by means of a job, by means of an investment or ancestral wealth. One of the means, that is easily available to the boy and his family is emotional blackmail of the girl/her family.
    For some, dowry is a pathetic symbol of superiority, we got 30 Lakhs, a car, a flat, etc. It is like have bragging rights within their family circles. But few remember it's a shame to the person asking for it because a price has been fixed for the bridegroom.
    It would change slowly once both generations( the couple and their parents) understand that dowry is not the correct and demanding or using force is a crime.

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