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    A Kathakali story enlightens on an environmental problem.

    Today I spent a couple of hours watching 'Kathakali', a unique art form of Kerala. The story was 'Kirmeera Vadham' (killing Kirmeeran).Today's show was an incident after the killing. Duryodhana sent the Pandavas to the forest after usurping the kingdom. The show started with Panchali, the common wife of all Pandavas, conversing with Dharmaputhra (the seniormost Pandava) about food in the forest. Panchali was worried about accompanying Brahmins' food. They were thousands in number. Dharmaputhra contacted a Sanyasin (Dhoumya muni) for a solution. Mini suggests to pray to Sun God (Surya bhagavan). Dharma puthra obeys and after praying Surya bhagavan appears in front of him with Pot, "Akshaya pathram". Bhagavan told him, the pot would give as much food as needed, but with a condition that the supply would stop once Panchali takes her food. That means Panchali must eat at the end.
    In this it is the Sun which is supplying food. On this earth food items are grown only if Sun light is available. If we pollute the atmosphere the direct contact of Sun light will be obstructed, leading to contamination of soil and water. So the akshaya pathram is the solar energy. Panchali stands for the last person to consume the Sun rays. When the population increases the food need also increase.
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    Please read the first word in the title of the thread as "Kathakali".

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    I know this story but I never thought of it this way.
    Yes. Sun is absolutely necessary for earth's sustenance.
    Kathakali and other traditional dance forms are keeping our legends alive.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Sun has been highlighted in this write up and for every one of us Sun is the seen God and one can get lots of inspiration from Sun for that untiring not retiring attitude. And coming to Kathakali, this oldest traditional form requires lots of patience for the artist to get ready and the attire worn were simply impressing and mesmerising. The movement of eyes in between according to the song or dialogue must be watched with our eyes wide open. And performing a interesting story from Mahabharata must have close coordination of all the fellow Kathakali artist to bring in best form of representation.
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    The story is from actually Mahabharat. This was shown in some Telugu movie also. The story itself enlightens the importance of Sun and environmental problem. It is good that this logic struck you when you watched the well-known story in a Kathakali dance program. The same story will be played in other forms of dances also, I suppose. So the story enlightens on an Environmental problem. That is Good.
    One day a group of Brahmins were sent to Pandavas when they were in the forest and they had not taken their lunch. By that time Pandavas and Draupadi were finished their lunch and there is no chance for them to make food for that day as already Draupadi had her food and the Akshaya Patra was cleaned. They were worried. The Brahmins went out for bath and they may reach anytime for food. Meanwhile, Lord Krishna came there. He asked Panchali to bring the vessel. She brought it and handed over to Krishna. Krishna looked here and there on the surface of the vessel and found a single grain of cooked rice and him eats it. All the Brahmins were felt full and they returned back without asking for any lunch. This is the story I watched a movie regarding the special vessel donated by Sun to Pandavas.

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    I have not heard this story before. But it is important to note that Sun is the main source of energy. It is used as a source of solar energy in cooking food, in solar panels. It is useful to heat the water in many water heating systems. We really need to protect our Sun God from increasing pollution.
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    A wonderful interpretation of our great Epic. If everyone starts feeding others (not literally but allowing the resources to be consumed in a sustainable way) or even think of others food before they greedily accumulate for themselves only, it would be a big step forward in nature conservation. Sun is the eternal source of energy for many things in our world. Sunlight is crucial for humans and his needs. If we consider the natural wealth of our country and interact with it as if we are the last person, we would be careful in nurturing its safety rather than mindless consumption or destruction. I have never seen a Kathakali performance but hope to see it sometime.

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    Today also I enjoyed a Kathakali feast. The story was "Duryodhana vadham" (killing Duryodhana). It was well presented. The greed of Kauravas, represented by Duryodhana and Dussasana was clearly shown. That greed ended up as a great war 'Mahabharata yuddham' and caused the death of thousands and thousands including all the Kauravas ( children of Dhritharashtra). It shows how costly is greed, how much one need to pay for that.

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