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    Is anyone else facing this problem on ISC?

    From last one week, I am facing problem while login to ISC, either access is getting denied or it my id is getting log out again and again.
    I am confused whether it is faced by all or only me because all other sites are working properly on my laptop.
    What should I do? I really enjoy writing on this site and because of this, I am not able to write anything.
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    No I am not facing any problem with ISC. Once logged in, I am continuing with the process of writing contents with no break. It seems there is a problem with your computer or gadget. By the way chose the right browser which supports your writing and our site.
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    I faced this yesterday after typing 3 replies & 2 AE questions, editing with Grammarly and then while submitting, it just said error, timeout or go to login page. When I pressed the back or refresh button, it again was the same login page.
    I stopped posting yesterday after that because it is annoying especially if you are generating a forum thread. What I doing this morning is, typing in a notepad, pasting it on to ISC and copying it after Grammarly, check. If I'm logged out, at least I have my content intact.

    It usually occurs randomly and by next day it's fine. If it is persistent, you can try this. As soon as you are logged in, the page appears with the enhanced security option. You can choose the disable button and save settings.

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    I haven't faced any problems. It may be because of the settings on your profile or may browser related issue. Clear all cookies and cache then give it a try. If that does not help try switching to a different browser. You can also uninstall and re-install the existing browser with which you are having problems. Hope you fix the problem soon.

    Good Luck.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    I have been logging into ISC since last few days but I have not come across this problem. Usually ISC website will logout if there is any inactivity for long time. It is the same case for most of the websites in the internet world. I doubt whether you would have spent so much time in typing the content in the box provided for posting. The way followed by Mr. Natarajan is apt if you are going to type in for longer time and it should resolve your problem as well. If the issue persists, try logging into ISC from different browser or trying clearing the cookies from your current browser. Let us know how it goes. Waiting to see if any other ISCian has faced similar problem.

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    Absolutely I have not faced any problem so far this week. Once I log in generally, I continue for about 2 hours but if we discontinue using for a long time without log out, the site is inactive. In such case, I log out and then again I will log in. Then there will not be any problem. Are you facing this problem only with ISC or any other site also? As advised. you can use a different browser and try logging in to the sites. Try to clear cookies if any on your current browser. Then your problem may be resolved. You have to verify the settings also once and if necessary you may have to revise the entries. Please see these points, I hope your problem will get solved.
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    No, I have not faced any problem at the time of logging in. But after installation of Grammarly, my laptop is occasionally getting hanged.
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