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    A separate section for study materials

    ISC has sections for question papers and exam results. I wish, the site allows members to share their study materials too. However, many write articles and give inputs on various topics, I expect this section of study material to cover, the books referred by their faculty for each subject, study materials given by teachers in class and case studies discussed in class.

    Case study: The case study material shared can be used for GD as well.

    Study material section can be categorized as
    Syllabus - State Board, Matriculation, CBSE, ISCE , College,
    Subdivided with standards in school and subjects in college.

    For Government and Bank exams, question paper section is enough providing the study material. If anything else could also support means, then a separate category for them also could be added.

    I see a project section in Articles>school projects. I expect Pre-school projects to be included in this category.
    I also suggest, college projects to be included in Articles section and add subdivided as Engineering project, B.ed project and Management projects.

    Hope it is not too much to expect, still I suggest, facilitate to upload ppt, because students and lecturers, these days prepare awesome ppts to explain the their content. Those slides give more inputs. I wish ISC to be a place for all study needs in all formats.
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    Very good suggestion made by the author and I am fully supporting it. But the problems comes as to in which form the study materials can be uploaded and saved in the section which might be created.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Just like question papers section, study materials can be uploaded in pdf format. I think, that would help students to download and print easily. A text part to explain about the study material or even that can be typed and attached with the pdf itself.
    Sri Vetri
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    The suggestion seems to be possible and it is left to the discretion of our webmaster Tony on taking the action. Surely if implemented, the students would immensely benefit.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very good suggestion and also very tough. Needs a lot of hard work and dedication by every member of this channel to make into action. If this is implemented, it would be of great value for many aspirants who are preparing for various exams all over India. I hope admins look into this suggestion and also express their views in this thread.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Study material in PowerPoint presentations or PDF files are more or less copied text from copyrighted books. While it is legal to use them for education purpose in an educational institute, trying to commercialize it by publishing those notes of somebody else is illegal and a case of copyright infringement.

    Earlier ISC had a lot of such study materials published as a form of attachments in the Article section. They were cleared as part of content quality improvement.

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    Study material may be useful to the students if we upload. But this material should be prepared by you and it should not be a copied content from anywhere else. If it is a copied content ISC will disqualify you from that section and be uploading an entire work of somebody else will be treated as copying. As felt by Ankit, copyright problem will come. If you have made of your own, you may publish it through article section.You can divide the course material into many articles depending on the size of the write-up. So I feel it may be a doubtful proposition to implement.
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    First, we should think do we need a separate study material section? There are plenty of dedicated sites purely for study materials for various exams and schools. This separate section would need a lot of subcategorization that may not be fruitful to ISC. It would be a tough task for the editors to screen out the copied or reproduced submissions from truly self-written ones. It would be easy to add a link but would take a lot of time and dedication to fill up the respective branches.

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    I understand the copyright issues. I also was not aware that, ISC has already dealt with study materials in article section, in the form of attachment. Thanks for Ankit to letting us know about it.

    It might be difficult for editors also differentiate between original and copied, but how about restricting access to members and allowed to post only after getting permission in forum.
    Because there are many colleges conduct seminars, where they don't encourage copied content as well. Those materials can be posted here. We know, every year, every college conduct inter college competitions, seminars on various topics. Students spend almost a month time to come up with unique ideas and different approach to an existing topic also.

    Teachers and faculties have blue print, their own examples on the subjects they teach, those can be considered as study material only. I already said, these can be done through article section itself. But when they are posted in separate section, it easily attracts the eyes of needy and new visitors. Also, the rules for Articles and study material may vary. The word count limitation for Study material can be less than 500 also.

    These are my suggestions, only people at technical side and editorial team will know the difficulties on implementation. As Natrajan has mentioned, sub categorization could be one another issue. Members, who think it could work out, may come up with alternate solutions.

    Sri Vetri
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    What are your comments, for adding college projects to Articles section?
    Sri Vetri
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    College projects can be added in article section provided the member should ensure that the contents were not published in the college book or the college website.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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