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    Prem Behari Narain Raizada- the man who penned the Constitution of India.

    26th. January is the Republic Day of India. This is the day on which the Constitution of India came into effect in 1950. The chief architect of the Constitution of India is Dr. B.R.Ambedkar. When the Constitution of India was prepared and was ready to be printed, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru approached Sri Prem Behari, a famous calligrapher to write it in italic style. Sri Prem Behari immediately accepted the proposal on the condition that he may be allowed to write his name on every page of the Constitution and on the last page along with his name, his grandfather's name also may be permitted to be written. Jawaharlal Nehru accepted for it.
    Sri Prem Behari took 6 months to complete the job. He used 432 penholder nibs and No.303 nibs for this work. The manuscript was written on parchment papers of size 16x 22 inches. The manuscript consists of 251 pages and weighs 3.75 kg. The lifespan of the script is 1000 years. The manuscript was signed by all the members of Constituent Assembly on 24-01-1950. The borders of the pages were designed with art pictures by Nandlal Bose and his students of Santiniketan.
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    Great to know who actually penned our Constitution in italic words and style. We are all indebted to Prem Behari, a famous calligrapher and for that what he was rewarded. Can any one share that.
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    This is very good information. I was unaware of it. I thank the author for this information.

    However, I humbly disagree to the statement: ''The chief architect of the Constitution of India is Dr. B.R.Ambedkar. ''. Ambedkar was the Chairman of the Drafting Committee- a sort of first among equals. He was later glorified by the political parties compared to other members of the Drafting Committee because of various other considerations.

    [Before getting angry, kindly go through 'Worshipping False God' by Arun Shourie.]

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    Sri Prem Behari did not take any money. His only condition is to allow him to write his name on every page of the Constitution.
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    I do not get angry. People like Ambedkar do not need any fresh certification from others. You are entitled to your own opinion as a free citizen of India.
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    Thanks KVRR for the information.
    The life span of our original constitution is 1000 years?
    As mentioned in the response #624217, 'Worshipping false Gods' by Arun Shourie, is an interesting read. He is critically analyzing Ambedkar. Many questioned his role in the freedom struggle.

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    Out salutations to Prem Behari Narain Raizada, it's an unique honor to be approached to write the Indian Constitution. Six months of hard work that stands as the pillar of our country. I think his work is the final task that gave shape to all the members of the drafting committee that composed this valuable work. Every Indian and Government official should see the constitution just not for its impressive writing and contents but as a Code of Ethics by which we should live for our country.

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    @Neeraj: It is not the Constitution but the life of parchment papers on which the script was written.
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    A good information by the author. It is good to know about Prem Behari Narain Raizada who has penned the constitution as requested by the then PM Nehruji. It is good that he has his name on each page. His grand father's name also on the last page. Why he wanted to write his grandfather's name but not the name of his father, maybe he had his own reasons. Constitution of India was architected by a committee of members in which Ambedkar also was there and contributed. We should congratulate designers of the borders of the pages with art pictures, Nandlal Bose and his students of Santiniketan. The government think of increasing the life of these scripts by any methods if possible. As an Indian, every citizen of this country should respect the Indian constitutions and follow the same in its right spirits. A happy republic day to all the members.
    always confident

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    I want to add here that the original Constitution of India is preserved in helium cases in the Parliament house, New Delhi. There are two original versions of this – one in Hindi and the other in English.

    The constitution owes lot of its creation to the draft of Declaration of Purna Swaraj , drafted by Gandhiji and Pandit Nehru in 1930. 26th January 1930 was declared as the independence day by Congress. The present Republic Day commemorate this event.

    The constitution of India is the outcome of deliberations and hard work of Pandit Nehru, Sardar Patel, Rajendra Prasad ji and many more champions of freedom struggle. This was the inclusive politics of then Congress to involve people from all walks and inclination to reach to consensus on the Draft of the Constitution. Amdedkar was a member of that galaxy of people involved in framing the constitution of India.

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    I understand, Jawaharlal Nehru, Gandhiji, Sardar Patel, Rajendra Prasad were the architects of the constitution. Who were the other drafting committee members? Anything taken from other countries constitution? Are public allowed to see it now?
    Is the original form available in the internet?
    Amendments are taking place frequently to the Constitution and I would like to know whether those amendments are adding to the original constitution or keeping as a separate? What is the procedure?

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    Mr. Neeraj: You have raised many good questions. You may raise a separate Forum post to discuss all these pertinent questions.
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    @Neeraj, our constitution has been formulated with many ideas taken from that of existing countries, it is one of the longest in the world and the drafting committee had several luminaries in it, It has around 101 amendments so far, wikipedia has the details, it is an worth time spent on it, at least for me.

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