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    Beware of Free spins and Online scam

    There are many captivating links that are displayed, recently when you open an online popular news daily or search sites that are legal.

    I found the story too good to be true, but all were that of Indians. Apparently, there is an illegal online casino site that offers free spins to win the jackpot around 9.5 Cr, the registration is free but it asks for bank details to transfer the money.

    Vihaan Patel: Man from Mumbai slums buys mansion in America

    Vihaan Patel: Dominos employee quits job after winning spectacular jackpot

    Vihaan Patel: Honest police officer wiss jackpot. One website/link used a real picture of a DCP of traffic, Mumbai.

    KCF employee quits job after wining 9,43,49,014.00.

    Please be careful, if someone is participating in the online casino sites.
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    Even I came across this scam. Even some news reporting sites on social media are publishing these articles without proper investigation. Out of anxiety when I went through that 'scam' site, it asked me to enter bank details. That was the point I said 'NO THANK YOU' and refrained myself from proceeding further. Be aware of such fraudulent sites which claim to give you crores of rupees for nothing or simply for free. Do a research on that site before going further.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Yes even I have read as suggested articles in my google page and published with even photographs of some members as the winner's family but an immediate thought came how can a man suddenly bought a house in America when he is in India (though we presume the winning is true) which alerted that it is surely a spam. In fact, I even thought how people are clever in cheating others because of linking the same with relation to the film Slumdog Millionaire.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    These days such type of scams are increasing and everyone should be careful with this type of advertisements and we should not give unnecessary personal information for taking a registration on such online casino sites. Let us not be greedy and lose whatever small we have. Be careful and not go into such traps.
    always confident

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