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    Success of 'Make in India' to be displayed on the Republic Day

    Indian Air Force has announced that the Rudra helicopter developed by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) will reach another milestone next today. Within a few hours from now, the helicopter will make its debut at the Republic Day flypast. The flypast by Indian Air Force on the Republic Day parade will involve total 38 aircrafts, including 21 fighters, 12 helicopters, and 5 transport aircrafts.

    The flypast will be divided into two blocks. The second block will start with Rudra formation comprising Advanced Light Helicopter MK-IV WSI. This is the first time Rudra helicopter and MK-IV WSI aircraft will be showcased in the Republic Day Parade.

    Eagerly waiting to witness the success of 'Make in India' programme on the Republic Day.
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    Well Make in India is happening from 1947. It's not first time rudra helicopter is flying. First flight of Rudra helicopter was conducted in 2007.

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    Rudra helicopter has taken part in the flypast for the first time in 2018. Why is such irrelevant response allowed?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Both are correct. Rudra helicopter for the first time flew in the Republic Day parade today. Testing of the Rudra was done in 2011. It was handed over to Indian Army in 2013. All this information from internet only. Rudra is an indigenously built helicopter. It was made in India. It cannot be termed as the Modiji Make in India. Whatever it may be, it is a success for India.
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    Rudra helicopter was a product made in India. It was in development and during development many times it was tested at various stages. The product was now in the hands of Indian defence. It was flown for the first time in the Republic Day Parade today. It is definitely an achievement for India and we should be happy for the same. Let us congratulate all the concerned in reaching this milestone.
    always confident

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    Even if I don't want to bring our Prime Minister in my post, he somehow arrives at the scene. Modi-ji has such powerful presence in our mind, we can't discuss even a helicopter without him!
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Mr. Partha, both of us know the intent of each other. Let us not prolong it. It is a success story for India as Rudra is an indigenously developed helicopter to suit the purpose of the army.
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    History of Rudra helicopter goes back to the Kargil war(1999). Our Army and HAL launched the program for LCH- Light combat helicopter in 2006 (based on the existing HAL Dhurv) and named it Rudra. The first flight was in 2007 and has been inducted into service from late 2012. The Rudra mark IV is an indigenous helicopter that hit the headlines in Sep 2017 as under the Make in India for defense deals. Rs 6100 crore business deal was stuck between HAL and the Defence forces for 41 helicopters.

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    Actually "Make in India" term is discovered by BJP government. It is also like "shining India" term. When we title our post make in India, we want to give credit to Mr Modiji. Well we can give credit to mr Modi as well, not an issue. Also, Republic day parade is happening from long time since 1947. But it is proud moment for me as well.

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    I wondered how the HAL Rudra, also known as ALH-WSI, is an armed version of HAL Dhruv. Rudra is equipped with Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) and Thermal Imaging Sights Interface, a 20 mm turret gun, 70 mm rocket pods, anti-tank guided missiles and air-to-air missiles could be made in Make in India which is launched only in 2014. I have not heard of any thing manufactured in this scheme, but I heard of some defense products would be made under this scheme. I read a similar hilarious tweet from Make In India regarding Tejas and BrahMos. Anyway it is a pride moment for all Indians that indigenous defense products are being made in India. The whole credit goes to DRDO and HAL.

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    Let us keep the controversy apart and feel pride that India has been in advancing in Military might and that was well displayed on Raj path. HAL is the Indian government owned company, and even it assembles any part for the on going Rudra project it is construed as made in India.
    K Mohan
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