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    Geeks of the ancient world- Greeks!

    Greece. Lap of art, science, philosophy, religion, literature, magic, trade, law, currency exchange, navigation, military advancement, mathematics ......and so on.
    Without Greek people, earth wouldn't be half as good place for humans to be living.
    Because art, culture,discoveries etc. .; which makes a human ,human were all patronized and spread out by Greeks.

    Ancient Indians too were advanced for their time. But the amount of contributions that Greeks have given is unparalleled.
    Greeks were the geeks of ancient world. They were probably the first to question the order of the nature.

    Though being the famed inventors and introducers of many things, I would like to talk in detail about 10 Greek inventions that were not only way ahead of their time but without them modern life would be unimaginable.

    The awesomeness is too much and listless to be shrunk into a thread. So I'll be posting multiple threads listing the ten top Greek inventions that changed the world.
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    Greeks were one of the earliest civilizations who had focused on every aspect of life systematically. They always gave importance to nature and it's interaction with people. They discovered or invented many things in BC period and many of them are used even today. Since you asked 10 of such inventions, I will write in a pointwise manner:

    1. Medicine
    The Hippocratic oath we take today was the earliest text of ethics for the modern world. Born in 460 BC in Cos, Hippocrates was the first to study, collect data and experiment to understand the diseases. Although there were superstitions about diseases as a God's punishment, Hippocrates was the first one to oppose and start a scientific approach. This marked a new era and laid foundations for modern medicine. He is referred as the Father of Medicine along with Charaka (Indian personality who developed ayurvedic medicine).

    2. Anchor
    Without the anchor, we cannot imagine a shipping industry. This is one of the historic inventions by Greeks which is used until today. The first anchor was invented by Eupalamas and it was a wooden anchor. The metallic anchor was invented by Anacharsis (592 B.C) with the central idea drawn from the design of Eupalamas.

    3. Democracy
    Perhaps the most widely practiced system throughout the world. The idea of 'every citizen has equal rights' has its roots dated back to 508 B.C is Athens, Greece. Greeks used to conduct meetings which consisted of kings, ministers, council members etc who used to take important decisions regarding the methodology of the rule, implementation of new systems, taxation, wars etc. Everyone's opinion was considered in these meetings and this marked the transition of a political system beginning the first systematic democracy.

    4. Alarm Clock
    One of the notable inventions from ancient Greeks which we find it everywhere now. It was invented by Ctesibius around 200 B.C. This has undergone several modifications with the modernizing world which came to the existence of what it is now. Greek mathematician Plato modified this alarm and used it wake up in the mornings.

    5. Maps
    Greeks were the first to mark the navigation in the form of pictures (Cartography) which can be used as a reference. They used it to use as a navigation and travel guide. This methodology is widely practiced in the modern world. Anaximander was the first to publish a world map.

    6. Olympics
    One of the most popular games which have a huge craze in the present modern world was first conducted in 776 B.C in Olympia, Greece. These sports were conducted to impress or please the ancient Greek Gods, Zeus specifically and were conducted once in 4 years.

    7. Odometer
    It is a device used to measure the distance traveled by a vehicle. Though there is an ambiguity about who invented this by the modern historians, everyone points its origin to ancient Greece. They used to calculate the distance they traveled in ancient times so as to have exact calculations with time.

    8. The concept of Philosophy
    Greeks were the first to question the facts of life swaying away from superstitions, myths, and magic. Most of the Greek philosophical theories are widely in use today. Notable philosophers include Socrates (Father of philosophy), Aristotle etc.

    9. Geometry
    Though the concept of geometry was practiced widely around the world other than Greece, most of them were baseless and just mere assumptions. Greeks were the first to question the assumptions of all the geometrical principles that was practiced in other countries. They were the first to introduce the theoretical explaination for existing geometrical principles which is widely followed around the world. Most notable mathematicians who introduced geometrical principles are Thales (father of geometry), Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes etc

    10. Entertainment
    The art of theatre or stage performances was introduced to this world by Greeks. They were used by them to show how Gods created humans, how they aided humans in great wars and also used them as a means of education for not only to the citizens of Greece but also to people of other nations who visited them. This art diversely transformed into modern day cinemas and other forms of arts.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Thank you Dr.Shashikanth.
    I will add some of these in my list too.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Greek civilisation is known for years. I think the first civilisation that has taken place.They have a very good understanding of almost all aspects of human life. They have a very concentrated and systematic approach. A very elaborate post with some important inventions by them was posted by Dr Sashikanth and very interesting to note. Now I look forward some further information from Aditya.
    always confident

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    Neeraj. Moon formed later. As a result of an asteroid attack. A huge chunck of earth blew up into space and formed moon.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    It is the great fact that the Greeks have made important contributions to philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, and medicine. You name the department , they have their presence very long back when the world was pondering over basic issues. And it is also the fact that Literature and theatre was an important aspect of Greek culture and influenced modern drama. The awesome sculpture ability were the passion of Greeks . The Greeks were known for their sophisticated sculpture and architecture. Greek culture influenced the Roman Empire and many other countries in the world too.
    K Mohan
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    Great thoughts Aditya, you can make it into an article (1 or 2) parts, because members would be tempted to post what the know and you may have to change your threads. Greece and its history are known for mythology, great minds, intellectual teachings and various inventions that have left an indelible mark on the history of mankind. Along with this, the geographic location of Greece also helped. It is a rich history that spans many centuries that enabled the Greeks to excel in many fields that are relevant to people around the world.

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