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    Did anyone have a thought of teaching to a child this way of Maths?

    My mind always connects with something when I look into a calendar page or while tearing a sheet from the daily calendar. In that way, this month when I look into the calendar page, these three consecutive days of this month(it is applicable to many years in January as it is the first (1) month) which may be linked to a simple arithmetic like addition, multiplication/division, subtraction in a row.

    17/1/18 may be linked with 17+1=18
    18/1/18 may be linked either with 18x1=18 or 18/1=18
    19/1/19 may be linked with 19-1=18

    while in other months, though the arithmetic is applicable it may not be like this consecutive with all operators.

    Members may come with different arithmetic operations available in other months of this year or any other interesting dates related to maths.
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    These days and this information were in circulation on many social sites. I have received WhatsApp messages also with this information. As mentioned by the author this will appear on consecutive days in January month every year. If you take 2016
    15+1=16 15/1/16
    16 X 1=16 16/1/16
    17-1=16 17/1/16.
    The people will come with different observations like this. We have to wait and see.

    always confident

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    If we teach children mathematics in this way, they learn having fun. If we take present year 2018 every month contains such days . Check following from 2 month of year.
    16/2/18 16+2=18
    15/3/18 15+3=18
    14/4/18 14+4=18
    13/5/18 13+5=18
    12/6/18 12+6=18
    11/7/18 11+7=18
    10/8/18 10+ 8 =18
    9/9/18 9+9=18
    8/10/18 8+10=18
    7/11/18 7+11=18
    6/12/18 6+12=18
    That's from my side .Let's wait the dates others bring here.

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    Yes Dr.Rao I have mentioned in my post too, that many years it will happen in the month of January.

    Darneet Kaur has tried with all addition of other months in this year.

    Let us have subtraction, multiplication, and division of different dates in this year.

    Also, other interesting observation may also be shared here.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    We have had similar threads with numbers. Another way to look at numbers, if someone looks at its relevance, they would be disappointed ( 17+1,18x1,19-1 all can be done every year).

    If one just follows the numbers purely for fun then they can check

    12-12-12 (12th December 2012)

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    A nice perspective way of representing the fun dates @Natarajan.

    All operators may be extended in every year but not with the same numbers as you told #624340 (17+1, 18x1 and 19-1) will come only in this year and a similar pattern of number combination may arrive at each year like 18+1=19, 19x1=19 and 20-1=19 in 2019.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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