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    India and its role in ASEAN

    I wanted to start this thread in order to discuss on the growing Geo political ties of India with other south East Asian nations. ASEAN(Association of south East Asian nations), So now India Beng one of the growing economic power in asia competing with China, there is a need for developing multi-lateral ties with the small economies of this region by supporting them politically and economically to suppress the domination of China on this countries. So members of the community, give your ideas regarding how India can establish its power in this region.
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    The 'Look East' policy was first propagated by PV Narasimha Rao. The implementation was started by Atal Bihari Vajpayee and is stressed by Nrendra Modi. To counter the influence of China and to surround China by friendly nations (of India), it is a very effective policy, both from strategic and economic points of view.
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    While India and China remain strategic rivals, India's "Look East" policy has brought a significant change in China's an attitude towards India. This policy is being pursued by the present government also to have a better relationship with China also. India is trying to be friendly with all the other nations in the region but however, Pakistan will be always with China only. A common enemy will make them both together. So with this approach, India is also in good position and competing with China in many aspects. I think our country is doing good work in having good relations with the other small countries for keeping strong.
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    Sounds good in principle to have some quasi-legal geo-political alliances to counter Chinese dominance. But we should be careful about who much we spend on maintaining this alliance and what we actually get in return. Because often such alliances are favored by smaller nations to get benefits and literally ride on the back of the bigger nation and no extra cost.

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