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    Importance of controlling the tongue

    The role of tongue in human is vital than anything as it helps him/her in leading daily affairs of running the day by speaking,tasting etc., We can simply test this by sitting calmly in a place without speaking a single word to others but watching everybody. There is a story in ethics. A king announced public that he would give her daughter married to one who fulfill his two conditions. Many came there to meet out his conditions. His first one was to bring the sweetest one. Accepted many came there with many things but the king and princess rejected all as the brought sweets and fruits of many types according to their thought. One poor person came there with a plate covered with a lid. Astonished by his posture and simple plate, king asked him to open the lid and found a tongue of a goat and further astonished. On asking the man explained that the tongue of a human is ever sweet if his usage is well. Pleasured with his reply the announced as he won his first condition. His second one was the worst bitter thing to be brought. Thia time also many failed but this poor man again appeared there lastly with similar plate and lid. Wondered King asked him to show his item with eager. The king saw the same tongue in the plate and the man explained that the same tongue of a human found bitter and drive out many from his circle. Happied king got up from his throne and offered his daughter.
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    You explained it very well. One must know how to control his/her tongue. Tongue plays a very important role in everybody's life. It is directly related to person's personality. One is remembered for what he/she says either word spoken are bitter or sweet. It depends on person to person that what he/she speaks or he had a control on his tongue or not.
    The story you narrated explained this topic very well. When a king told that he will marry his daughter to that person who will fulfil his two conditions. When poor man fulfiled his first and then second condition king was impressed from. The two conditions sweet and the bitter is what a person with the help of his tongue speaks.
    If you want to be successful in life just learn how to have a control on your tongue. Let your tongue always be sweeter with everyone.

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    A word spoken can't be taken back. So one should be careful in using his tongue. The same tongue can get you beatings or it can bring prizes. So how you use your tongue is your wisdom. When the words are soft to the other's ears they will praise you. At the same time if the words are hard and bitter they may give you beatings.
    The famous Telugu poet, Tenali Ramalinga Kavi is very famous for his tongue usage. One day Dhoorjati in Sri Krishnadevaraya's kingdom gave a puzzle to make a poem which is meaningful. The puzzle is an elephant entered into the trunk of the mosquito. Immediately Ramalinga Kavi completed poem which means, that are you a fool or did you take alcohol. How you expect an elephant into the trunk of a mosquito. Nobody can say anything as it is a free reply but not addressed anybody. But the king got annoyed and said that I am giving you the same puzzle, answer it differently otherwise you will be sent off this court. Then Ramalinga Kavi completed another poem which means, Oh, what a mystery of life. Pandavas were very good kings and with a big Kingdom whereas Virat Raju was a small king with a small kingdom. But the fate can't be changed. Pandavas had to spend one year in Virat's court as his helpers. This is nothing but an elephant entering into a mosquito's trunk. The king was very happy and gave one lakh rupees as a gift. That is the power of tongue,

    always confident

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    Yes tounge plays a vital role in human's life. The words we spoke can't be taken back, so we should be always careful while speaking. Sometimes being silent is more better than speaking bad words and making matter bigger and worst. Which inturn harms us. So, we should use words wisely.

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    Many people now lead a good life not because of their hard work, it is due their gifted tongue, they know what to say, what pleases others, when not to speak and how to get things done. The art of using the tongue or not using it needs to be mastered if one were to have cordial relationships with family members and colleagues. A few words spoken in anger can certainly damage the trust, bond and even a career at times.

    While we talk about tongues, maintaining secrets and sensitive information carefully needs to be highlighted. There is a well known slogan from World War II 'Loose tongues, Lose ships'. This was used as a slogan by the postal department and in places frequented by the armed forces for recreation. This was to remind that a careless gossip about sensitive information leaking out to enemies easily.

    Many experts advise to have mental filters, if we have to speak some words in a heated argument or a discussion, first to think, Do I need to say it? What would be the impact on the other person? Would I accept the same if someone were to tell me the same words?

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