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    Appreciation -The most desired thing

    Who does not want appreciation? After all appreciation for our good work, either in the form of rewards or inspiring words like "Well done", "Awesome", make us feel motivated and gives us confidence. It is like an approval stamp from the public for our good work.

    But there are some questions which we need to introspect and find an answer.

    Do we always find appreciation for our good work?
    No, sometimes due to huge competition and even better work done by others we might not get appreciation. Also at times, people may not understand our work to appreciate it. At times they do not want to appreciate and at times they are too busy to do so.

    How hungry are we for receiving appreciation from people? Depends on the person to person I think. Some people are self-motivated and are not dependent on appreciation for their good work. On the other hand, there are people for whom appreciation is a prime thing while doing anything and at times their whole reason for doing something is to get appreciation.

    Does not getting appreciation or awards/rewards sometimes demoralize us? Yes, people who are too hungry for appreciation get demoralized and sometimes stop their efforts if they are not appreciated for their great work.

    Can receiving appreciation sometimes be harmful? Yes, sometimes people who want to pull you down shower false appreciation on you and make you fly in the air. They are called flatterers. Beware of such people! Judge your achievements with your common sense and see whether it deserves appreciation or not. Do not blindly rely on external appreciation to make you feel that you have done something good.

    In nutshell, let appreciation be a by-product of doing a task and not the cause of doing it. Analyse and judge your work and results. Good work is a good work irrespective of being appreciated or not.

    Lastly, be self-motivated and appreciate yourself.
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    Appreciation is like an energy tonic. It gives a lot of enthusiasm to the performer. It gives chance for maintaining the good tempo of the work. These praises if crosses the limits, they may spoil the candidate also. A very high flattering will give overconfidence the person and sometimes may neglect the work and may go bad in the performance.
    This will act as motivation to the individual. If the boss appreciates his subordinate in presence of a group of people, the subordinate will get elite and always be loyal to the boss. He always tries to maintain good speed and accuracy in performing his duties. If the same boss criticizes his subordinate for his mistakes, the candidate will get demotivated.The Great Hanuman will never know his ability. When he saw the Ocean cross to go to Lanka, he was completely perturbed and thought that he can't fulfil his word to Rama. But when all his friends appreciated him and praised him saying that he can only do that, Hanuma did it. Such is the power of appreciation.

    always confident

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    Appreciation for someone may be engry tonic,
    Motivational and for someone like me who are self-motivated may not bother about what people say. Everything has a boon as well bane. Appreciation by selfless person harms you and appreciation by a person who cares for you is a motivational factor.
    How people take appreciation depends on his mind. There are some people who take words of others very seriously may fall into the trap of others.
    One should judge properly the words of other and must analyze is it really an appreciation or a trap for you.
    Don't fall easily on others words, judge them, be careful and self motivated.

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    In today's world, appreciation, performance, and productivity are linked in a continuous loop and are interdependent. If you go clockwise, give credit to an employees commitment and hard work, it motivates them to perform better or at least keeping performing at the level wherein they have caught the attention of the boss. This moves on to better productivity which every one desires.

    There are few people who have such high sense of dedication and moral standards of work that anything short of the best is not acceptable, these people are often intellectuals or people with a strong sense of right and wrong within themselves. For such committed staff, appreciation does not work.

    There is some staff who constantly need to be coaxed with false appreciation or monetary form to keep them performing as there performance and understanding of duties is very low and everything is seen in the form of money, why should I work more so that somebody else gets the benefit?

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    Couldn't agree better. Appreciation. It is one thing that humans crave for and that desire is very different from our beastly and usual desires. Desires like a beautiful mate, an exotic home, a delicious meal and want to be better are all justified because they help us sustain and evolve. But appreciation/fame . Being famous in animal world is dangerous. You'll be the primary target because you're too flashy and are the alpha of your group out in wild.
    But civilization gave this animal a freedom.
    A freedom from being predated . So this animal yearns for a different kind of desire.
    Fame. Infact we desire fame more than pleasure. Because fame makes you feel more and more human. Because being a human is all about being superior to other beasts.
    Isn't that exactly what fame does to you? Elevating your status?

    Appreciate this fame hungry predator and it'll let you live.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    For a performer, appreciation is the stepping stone for further improvement and keeping the spirit of the activity going. If a performer or achiever does not get the required pat, he gets demotivated and start to probe his or her performance as to why he or she was not received well. And on the stage a performer would love to get the hooting and whistle from the audience not from the front side but from the back seats. Because those were the people critical evaluates every performance . And never appreciate a person for the sake of it. If possible give necessary tips and advise for further improvement.
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    True that everybody seeks for appreciation. Even kids are not exception to it. It all starts from our childhood. We get appreciated for our every single thing we do, when we grow. Yes, we see the excitement in our parents' and grandparents' eyes on every milestones of our growth from crawling, walking, talking, smiling even for scribbling. So, it is not a surprise, when we expect for appreciations for something new, we do.

    Generally, we get disappointed, when we are unnoticed or unrecognized for what we did. It is mainly because, for the doer, the thing what he/she does can be new, but for many others it might be simpler, easier or already known fact. So, they may not feel like highlighting it.

    Everybody know the worth of their work, but when they expect for appreciation, they need to compare it with the performance of others and knowledge of one, from whom they are expecting it.
    Also, people should be ready to appreciate others' work, when they put in some hard work on it. Even if you are unaware of their hard work, never ever insult some one's work by passing unnecessary comments.

    There are situations, when people explain about their hard work in completing their task, few people have the habit of commenting, "these are nothing to me/us". I just hate it. Not every body can do the same task, the same way. So, when it is completed, appreciate for the things getting done.

    Even if the person does not deserve to what he/she was appreciated now, will definitely do something better to retain this appreciation. So, nothing wrong in expecting appreciation and definitely nothing wrong in fulfilling that expectation.

    Sri Vetri
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    This is the link of a thread, discussing why appreciations should not be expected.
    Don't look around for admirers!

    Sri Vetri
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