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    Teaching is an art. Do you agree?

    All of us went to different schools and colleges for our studies during our education days. We might have seen many teachers who teach us during various stages of our study. We used to classify the teachers as good bad and ok. Some teachers will have the habit of preparing well before the lesson and give the students a very detailed explanation so that the receiver will be able to receive the message. Some teachers just go on giving the headlines and some salient features and leaving it there.
    I feel teaching an art and it is never a scale to measure the person's knowledge of the subject. Even though he has a lot of knowledge but not able to put it before the student in the way in which he receives, the teacher may not get the appreciation of the student. But there are some teachers who will go to the level of the student and explain the subject at a level where a student can appreciate the subject. I think they are the teachers who have the talent for teaching. There are many seniors in the forum I like to know their views on this.
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    Yes, you are right teaching is an art. Teachers play a very important role in building our career and what we do we judge them on the basis of their explanation to us. Teachers put lots and lots of efforts to help us learning topics. I remember my accounts teacher always motivated me in the 12 standards that I will definitely score good marks on my boards.
    Teachers are very talented and such a talent must always be respected. I am totally agreed with all the points of the author.

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    Yes teaching is an art. Every teacher has their own style of teaching. Some will teach the subject very deeply by giving examples so that even an sverage student can understand. Where as some teachers will teach just important points which will be mostly asked in exams. And some teachers will punish students if they don't learn properly. Every teacher has different style of teaching.

    Teacher is a god who teaches ethics, culture, how to live and every thing. We remembef some of our teachers till our death. Those are the real teachers.


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    Teaching is certainly an art, that too a noble one, If for a moment we forget our parents and family members contributions for our education and growth, it would the teachers that come up always. But for our teachers, neither would we have had education to get our degrees and jobs, nor learnt the values of life to a great extent.

    I mentioned this because, the role of a teacher is not just making the student memorize the theory, it is far more than that, to be like a parent, to keep their welfare, moral integrity and good mannerisms in mind always. Every teacher would want their students to perform and become better than themselves and be responsible members of the society. This cannot be done by all teachers, it needs a special set of skills, patience and nurturing behavior to teach children or students various topics related to the academic subjects and the wide curriculum of life.

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