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    Your opinion: Which Republic Day tableau was the best?

    In today's Republic Day Parade, there were total 23 tableaux. Among these 23 tableaux, I noticed the tableau of All India Radio depicting ''Mann ki Baat'' (most probably, AIR tableau for the first time). I also noted the tableau of the Income Tax department, which was boring, the tableau of Gujarat depicting Sabarmati Ashram. I have also noticed the tableaux of Manipur, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Maharashtra, Ministry of External Affairs, NSG and ITBP. Out of the 23 tableaux, I was attracted by the tableaux of Maharashtra (depicting the coronation of Shivaji Maharaj), Himachal Pradesh (depicting the serene beauty of a Monastery), NSG (depicting commandos in action) and ITBP (depicting patrolling of Indo-China border in snow-scooters).

    Members! Have you enjoyed the colourful tableaux? Which one attracted you most?
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    I liked the Maharashtra tableaux of course with having Shivaji statue. A typical Maharshtra feeling with chanting "Jay Bhavani Jai Shivani · Jay Bhavani Jai Sivaji". While other were beautiful too but this one look more natural.

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    I have seen here and there but not completely. I am very much impressed with the show by our army people. I saw the tableau of All India Radio depicting ''Mann ki Baat'. I liked the concept and I appreciate the All India Radio for this. I think this is for the first time the AIR is participating. overall the show was a good event and it is the first that ten VVIPs for 10other countries participated in the event. I am very impressed with the show.
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    Tableaus are great to see at RD parades, as mentioned earlier, I have seen the telecast in parts. From what I could see, I liked the Asean tableau that had depicted the scenes from Ramanaya and artists in the various costumes of the different countries. This was a good idea as it showed us extending the arm of friendship and co-operation to the other Asean countries. I also liked the wildlife-based tableau from Karnataka.It was nice to see green shades and the animals that are seen in the state and the country. This wildlife one is a reminder for us to preserve our forests and nature with the animals living in it. Would love to see the RD parade spectacle live once in person.

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    I liked the Gujarat Government's tableau, depicting the Sabarmati Ashram at Ahmedabad which was the centre of Mahatma Gandhi's freedom struggle activities between 1917 and 1930. The tableau showed the replica of the cottage 'Hriday Kunj' at the Sabarmati Ashram premises where the Mahatma and Kasturba Gandhi stayed during the historical years of India's freedom struggle. Mahatma's simplicity is a message for the present day politicians who believe in extravaganza on the cost of the common man of the country

    It showed Mahatma Gandhi spinning yarn at his famous charkha, and other activities undertaken at the ashram like prayer, self service, girls' education, cleanliness, printing press and handmade paper trays. This showed the inclusive model of Gandhian Economy.

    The tableau showed another great son of India. Acharya Vinoba Bhave, the founder of Bhudan Movement. A movement known for non violent land reforms. These reforms were not pursued by the governments.

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    The best answer has been selected because the response has vividly described the tableau of Gujarat, not for any other reason. My preference is different, which I have mentioned in the Forum post
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    Well I never gave my concentration a thought on tableaus but vividly enjoyed the actions on Rajpath by all kinds of manoeuvring by women on bikes for the first time which was even enjoyed by President.
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