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    A Market floating on the water

    In West Bengal's Capital Kolkata the metropolitan development authority has started a market in a lake which floats. This is the first of its kind market. All the shops are situated on boats and people has to get into these boats for their purchases. As it is first of its kind many people are visiting the market and a heavy crowd is seen. Presently only vegetables and fishes are only sold. As people get accustomed they may go for other items also. A good initiative I feel.
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    A very good initiative by the government. I heard about floating market on a news channel. Slowly and slowly floating market will be there in many of the Indian cities.

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    As I have learnt, it is the only third floating market of Asia. It is a new concept in India. Let us see whether this concept becomes successful in India, or not. However, in Dal Lake in Srinagar, vegetables are flowers are sold in 'shikara' (boat).
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    Yes floating market is new concept and also its is very different idea also. People will get attracted to new ideas easily and hence they can improve their sales also. I have never seen these type of floating markets in India.

    As it is new concept, people will come and see the market to know how it is for few days. We can't say whether it is become successful or not now it self. We have to wait for few days to know the results. If it becomes successful, we can expect more markets like this in many areas.

    Is their any iscians in that area? If their share your experience here.


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    Only the vendors are in the boats, the buyers need not go in a boat, but they walk along wooden walkways. Glad to hear this, we all have seen the floating markets of South Asia shown in movies or during tours, it looks very pleasant. What I feel good about this Calcutta floating market on Lake in Patuli , is that it is part of a rehabilitation or relocation program of the small vendors who were evicted from the Patuli VIP market.

    Often once small sellers are evicted from a regular area, they are left to fend off on their own. Here, it is good that the authorities have taken a good step to give them some space with a new concept that would attract more visitors. Hope this floating market succeeds well.

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    Calcutta is already crowded. Now started encroaching lakes. Entire lake will be polluted. There will be an environmental impact. How pollution control board cleared the project?

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