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    Ask experts- a trial of trust

    Ask experts section is my favorite in ISC. Not because it fetches cc instantly. Because the responses in Ask Experts are very important and interesting.

    Most of the time the questions in Ask Experts are just doubts of individuals on different subjects.But, lately, people are posting questions, asking about some really personal issues. Issues like, whether to marry a person or not. Or an important career decision. Or their next big business plan.

    Well..this is what I think. There are somethings that are better figured out by ourselves.
    Including an expert in such personal and important issues may seem a right thing to do, but your future would be regretful because when you had to make a choice, you listened to an expert's advice and did the same.

    I don't have a grain of doubt on my fellow ISC experts. I just doubt what those individuals are going to do now.
    They've listened to the advice. Will they blindly follow it? Take second opinion? Do their research and in the do what their heart commands?

    That is why I name the section," a trial of trust".
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    Aditya, a thoughtful question as a thread. If one has a problem to share or seek advise, he or she would approach family, relatives, friends, well-wishers, colleagues or superiors. SOme would listen to them with a sympathetic ear, some offer suggestions, some enforce an option or some even misguide the poor soul and laugh within themselves seeing the plight of the person with the problem.

    I see Ask the experts as a place where most often we are not aware of who is asking the question but most replies are answered based on personal knowledge or facts from the internet and these are also verified once. Although not a fool proof system, this is similar or a little better that real life situations because after from cc of around rupees five, there is not much benefit but the satisfaction that yes we have shared our knowledge to a person in need is great.

    It is a game of trust but the final responsibility lies at the hands of the person asking the question as he or she is responsible to implement it, if all goes well, we (ISC members) do ask for an applause and if things don't go well ( we do not want a blame).

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    A very valid doubt and reasonable question? Each individual is the best judge of his own matters. But it is always advisable to get the ideas from different people and study the ides and make your own decision. This is a popular saying" Lend the ear but reserve the decision".
    Each and every person will face different situations in the life and he will solve them by taking the actions and he may be proving right sometimes and the other times wrong. When you are ina problem if you try to get the opinions of other people basing on their earlier experience or knowledge that will act as a guide to the individual.
    In this AskExpert, people will answer the question out of an interest to share their experience and knowledge with others so that they may get benefitted. The CC earned in this may be a few hundred in a month maximum which is not very high to get attracted. The journey on this site is mainly sharing of knowledge and the money comes next.
    With the experience in the subject and knowledge, the answers may be posted there but ultimately the onus of accepting or not accepting lies with the person who asked the question. He has to see the answers and understand the full position of self and then take the decision.

    always confident

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    Seeking an advice from family, friends, well-wishers or here from ISC experts is very good practice in my view.

    When you say 'what do they do after their question in ISC is answered?' They will consider this an advice. It is always good to take as many opinions as a person can and can take a decision depending on the various feedbacks he/she got. Of course, the choice is 'individual' and he/she will take a decision on their own.

    ISC AE section's trust, well I highly doubt that word. The trust word doesn't come at all. How can a person blindly follow or decide his career/life/professional confusion depending on the experts answer in AE section? It is highly impossible and it is our miniscule thinking to believe it either. They just take our suggestions and we answer based on our experiences, knowledge we have/gather across. They will weigh them accordingly to their doubt and then they will decide accordingly. So my personal opinion is that it is irrelevant to believe or think that the person who asked questions will TRUST you and proceed further and there is no trial at all.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    I really appreciate the author in raising this question and it is the feeling of many members who actively involved in AE answers. There are many factors involved in this and first being sharing knowledge and personally, I feel I always wanted to share knowledge from my own source(brain) that is recalling, sharing my personal experience than sharing the knowledge after searching in the net for the purpose.

    Secondly, satisfaction and happiness occurred when a person raised the question gave feedback about our answers and also if that is chosen as the best answer by author or someone rated our answer.

    In ISC I have a special inclination towards AE and got a gift from AE editor stating I wanted AE to be in correct place, though my CC is very less.

    Lastly, it also gives BP if we see some irrelevant answers when we are very strong on that particular subject. Also, we got wild if someone cleverly copied from other's answers or copied from different website but put it with their good communication skills posing they are the best,

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    A Picture related to my above response is attached.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I agree with the view that lend your ear to everyone but should take your own decisions according to your situations. Every individual have their own experience in life and accordingly they advise. It is not that all are wrong they may be right for their own situations. However, I don't personally venture in AE section unless it is my own subject or I have some great knowledge about that matter. I have restricted myself only to music related subject and what I provide it is totally with my own experience.

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    In the forum section some technical question, career question and some questions connected to personal issues are not allowed to discuss and hence we have the ask experts question in which one can reply as anonymous too. But once a satisfied reply has been appended, the author can confirm to avoid repeat of same response in different manner and that cannot be construed as experts advise. Many a time the responses were not precise and even lengthy too. There need to be pruning of responses with further care so that the author gets the best answer and the site retains the good name.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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