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    Father's incorrect name in the certificates will it impacts job prospects?

    My father's name in my 10th, 12th, degree , voter ID, pan card, in school records everywhere RAVINDER is written ,but my father name is RAVI and he is an illiterate and he had voter ID and Aadhar cards only
    Will it create any problems in govt jobs like public sector banks, etc? they are accepting what is written on the certificates but I'm worried will it be an issue at later stage?
    My own every document is fine, Do they ask to submit my parents ID at later stage?
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    I am assuming that the ID documents that your father has mentioned his name as "Ravi" and that is why it is a problem since it is a mismatch.

    Nowhere I have yet encountered a place where they ask for Father's ID to verify the documents. However, it might become a problem where you or your father have to mention nominee. Suppose you have to inherit your father's property then you have to give documents proving that you are his son. But since your documents don't mention the correct father name is might create a problem.
    What I would suggest is that you get a legal document made by the court which declares this error in all the documents so that whenever such a problem arises you can use the document issued by the court to come over the problem. In fact, you should be able to use the document to get your father's name correct in all your documents too.
    It will be a tedious process to get all this done but to avoid issues it is better that you get it done ASAP.

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    May give some problem in future. Either in education or in a job or maybe later in property related issues.So always it is better to get the name corrected in all the cases. You can contact a lawyer in your area who is good in these matters. He will advise you the correct methodology and he will guide of course for a payment. I suggest you get the documented made as per the direction of the lawyer and get it signed by the concerned and it acts as a reference to your father's name. It is always better to be proactive. Thinking that there will not be any problem and keeping silent may prove costly at a later date. So don't neglect the issue. Immediately contact the lawyer and do as per his advise immediately.
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    I don't think private sector may cause problem but Government jobs may cause some issue. But this should not be serious issue. You can rectify this later in records, can be termed as spelling mistakes etc.

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    Name of self,father,mother and date of birth should be perfectly matched in all documents of one otherwise it leads to many complications in future. Moreover if one donor get corrected immediately on noticed he or she need not run here and there for getting corrected later. Moreover it reveals the carelessness of him/her to the assessor.

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    For anywhere the basic educational qualification of 10th or SSC certificate becomes the parent certificate to verify everything including your right name, father's name and date of birth. What ever mentioned in the 10th class memo shall be carried forward to other classes and we cannot change it. It is the express duty of every candidate to verify the 10th class memo before accepting it as to the details of all basic things. If there is any corrections that should have been done then itself. Now you have completed higher classes, without correcting the names. In future too this problem will persist if not corrected at least now in all the records.
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    We get many such queries in Ask the Experts section.In all your certificates you have stated that your father's name is written as Ravinder instead of Ravi. It sounds unusual, please check your father's full name.

    If you are applying for a Government job based on a caste or reservation based quota, then you need to support it with documents of father or brother at times. Here a problem should not arise.
    Also if you apply for your passport, they will need the first name and surname(initials) of father and mother. It would also be a issue with property and deposits if there is a legal issue.

    So, please get it changed. You first need an affidavit with your father's correct name, then publish it in the local newspapers (one English and one regional language), then get the documents changed.

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