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    The thrilling experience to watch Republic Day Parade at Rajpath

    I just Love it! Attaching myself with TV till the republic day parade is over. Yesterday was one of the day when I was watching "Live" Parade. My little daughter sitting beside me, though she has not that level of feeling which I have, was too watching with me. I was like excited person telling her all the details about Republic day, providing all the details as much I have in me.

    While watching the TV live from Rajpath, my mind travelled years back when I got the opportunity to watch directly at Rajpath. It was one of my dream which was fulfilled that day in Delhi. It was a thrilling experience which I may not express in words. A different feeling, a different proud and the goosebumps which comes when you stand and listen the National Anthem.

    Have you ever got chance to watch the live Parade at Rajpath?
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    It is very nice to know that you have watched the republic day celebrations at Rajpath directly. I feel it was a very good experience for you. I have never had that opportunity so far. I never thought of attending it also. Every year I will also watch the parade. But this year I could not watch the complete programme due to some other important work in domestic front. Here and there I watched the programme. It is a really great feeling to watch the program live. I wish I will also a get a chance to watch the same in my lifetime.
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    Though I was there in Delhi for five years, never had the chance to watch live the performance of Republic day on Raj Path. Glad that the author had the opportunity to view the happenings this year. I wish I could have been there after watching the dare devil performance of all women bike riding with all the actions. Previously we are habituated to view such stunts done by the male and this time for the chance females have done with great precision which evoked standing ovation from the President and public. But everyone missed the wonderful sky show by the armed forces planes due to fog.
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    Glad that you have had the privilege of watching the Republic parade. I just mentioned in the other thread that I would love the watch the grand spectacle at least once in the near future.

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    Yes, I have had the privilege of attending the Republic Day Parade, on Rajpath on more than one occasion. I was very young when I watched the Parade on Rajpath, for the first time. One of our neighbour's sons had bought a 3 Tonner from the Army auction and he had loaded us neighbourhood kids onto the truck and driven us to Rajpath. I must have been 6 or 7. I recall sitting on the cold, wet lawns and getting lost in the crowd, on our way out.

    A few years later, dad had got passes from his office and we attended the Parade as a family. This time we sat on elevated benches.

    After I got married, I attended the Parade and the Beating the Retreat ceremony, every year, while my husband was posted in Delhi. He got VIP passes, so we sat on better seats, closer to the dais and watched the performances from close quarters. I have rose petals, which my daughter collected each year, from the fly-past. They're stuck with cello tape in her favourite story books.

    Watching the ceremonies on Rajpath has a different feel to it. I would get goose bumps when the National Flag was hoisted and the ceremonial gun salute was given. I would choke with emotion when the National Anthem was sung. Picture everyone around you standing at attention, (with stiff backbones, shoulders thrown back, hands in tight fists and the head held high) singing the National Anthem in unison. It gave me a sense of pride that words cannot describe. I am not ashamed to state that my eyes had welled with emotion, each time. And when my daughter had ask why I was crying, I'd told her I wasn't, and had blamed the rolling tears on the cold, biting wind.

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