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    This is why I rate live performer above than recording studios performer.

    Recently one old video got viral where Arijit Sing was singing "Nadaan Parinde.." song and could not able to catch the perfect pitch to start with. Hence, his voice went Discordant. And he started abusing the person who fixed the microphone.

    What it looked easy for us in live performance, it not that easy in real sense. A performer when singing in recording studio, gets numbers of time retake. Sometime to record one song it takes more than a day. There are so much liberty a singer gets in studio. However, the real talent comes when the same singer has to perform the same song in live. Here, you wont have such liberty and it all depend on your timing and to catch the perfect pitch or Sur. If the performer could not able to start properly, he may never performed the best.

    It is always better for a singer not to start at first, let the accompaniments musician provide him the real pitch. Once the starting is done well, the entire song one can sing smoothly.

    I have worked in recording studios and worked under live performance, I too myself done performance at stage and closely watched the great singer how they perform. I know completing one song perfectly is not less than a big achievement.
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    It is true. Acting in a movie or a TV show is easy. You will be given a chance two, to modify your performance if the first performance is not up to the mark. But on a stage drama when an actor performance he is to act instantly correctly otherwise the audience will create a lot of problems. Even the Artist has to face eggs and tomatoes. Hence acting on a stage or performing on a stage is very difficult. The same is the case with a singer or a dancer. There are no retakes and there are no trials. Just you have to get onto the dais and perform. Here the audience will be in front of you only.
    As mentioned by the author id there is a problem at the beginning of the show the artist well get disturbed and the whole show may become bad. So in any proposition performing on a stage in presence of the audience is the tough issue than on the screen.

    always confident

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    I agree 100% with the author of this post. Live performance is what that shows real talent of the performer. I have been to live concert of one of the famous rock band, Iron Maiden. Their live performance was way amazing than the studio recording. The singer, drummer, bassist, rapper everyone has to perform to match the studio recording and this is when the real talent comes out and it is very tough. I will definitely rank a live performance above the studio recording.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    I agree with the views of the author. Live performance shows the actual talent of the performer. In studios, you can take repeats which is not possible at all in live performance.
    I also like live performance more than recorded once, where nobody can be blamed for the fault of the performer.

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    Yes it is the fact that the live performer has to be appreciated and admired. But often we listen comments from the judges that the voice texture was not good, modulation was less, pitch was not matching and so on. Live performance would happen with lots of expectations from the performer and wants to outsmart and in that melee some mistakes would be made. For that the judges must have the magnanimity to give some concession. Nevertheless those who claim to be big singers often failed to given impressive performance on live stage and that is the reason they should not criticise others fumbling with little sync.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    You're a singer /musician yourself Jeet!
    I would like to listen to your works if you're.
    But Jeet, both of us know that when it comes to the performance, studio version tops.
    Because stage needs electronics. And while moving these electronics get damaged or disoriented, causing problems during performance.
    But in studio, you can check a million times and then record.

    And Jeet. Before 2000s, you must be knowing this, vocals of the singers were pre-recorded and only the instruments played live.
    Maybe we should just continue the same.
    Because instruments can be swapped. A singer cannot be.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Stage performance is definitely more challenging than the studio as you don't get chances in the former.

    I have seen some stage dama and was always astonished to see their performances without any slip. The scenes go like a movie and the audience is captivated with narrations. In a movie, shots are taken so many times and retakes are so common. On stage it is nothing like that whether it is singing or acting.

    Recently, I had an opportunity of seeing a solo Bharatnatyam dance in which the dancer was dancing as well as narrating the background theme. She was doing it synchronised with track music. No musicians accompanied her. It was really enthralling to see the flawless stage performance. I felt, rather most of the audience felt if we were seeing something recorded by a video.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Performing on the stage live is a totally different kettle of fish compared to performing in a recording studio. The live stage performance is under a much less controlled environment, the audience too knows it and love it because it is real. In a studio you can adjust everything to get the ideal outcome.

    Take for instance the bollywood stars who perform a song at award functions. In the movie the would look so clean and spotless, but live at the award function, they would be sweating, miss a step and a co-ordination would be a little off the mark.

    This happens in many things, for instance, driving classes now a days have a simulator that people 'drive' for 3-4 hours but when they actually sit on a real car and drive on a real road, things change. In the healthcare sector, earlier conferences in surgical specialties would have video sessions where everything looks neat and pristine because it is edited.

    Now they have many live sessions in surgical specialties where in things happen in real time and all the minor issues are seen uncut.Not surprisingly, it has been quoted that people registering for the live workshop would be more and participation would be more active.

    I think with live sessions we can connect with the artists or performers as it is real.

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    62450228 Aditya,

    By God's grace I have little knowledge and little talent also little experience in only Music field. Other than that I am a big Zero. Yes, I am a musician but it is for only myself and for close friends. I am not professional nor I perform any more. Earlier, in school & college days, I was participating in all our live stage programs that's all I have little cherish in my life. I am just working in this field since so long so it is obvious that I have got some knowledge. However, if ever I get chance to meet you in person, I would love to show my work to you.

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