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    How you imagine the world after 100 years.

    100 years is a long time and we will not be there to see the progress the world would have done. However, there is nothing to lose if we imagine the world how it will look after 100 years from now. Just check how we have progress in last 25-30 years. The most unique thing we have in our hand is mobile phones. 30 years back it was almost a dream to talk to anyone from anywhere. What more advance technology we may have in next 100 years?

    How our transportation world will look like? How people's behaviour will change? Will human become more robotic than natural? Will be ever start our civilization in another planet?

    How you think the world will look in next 100 years?
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    I feel the earth is round. So after 100 years, the old practices may come back also. After 100 years people will have all comforts in their hand but they will not have a good environment to enjoy. Oxygen bottles of good quality air for a living may have to be purchased. So people stop thinking about other things except thinking about oxygen and selling oxygen will become a good business. The people will understand the importance of trees. People may start planting more trees instead of having big bungalows they may go for big gardens and small houses. So eating habits may also change. Because the universe will not have sufficient oxygen in the air, fuels burning also difficult and they may start consuming raw foods like earlier days. Of course, cell phones may continue. Nobody will start new house constructions but try to save trees and try to save water.
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    A 100 years from now? an excellent topic. People would have futuristic houses, multi level traffic lines ( not side by side but 5 layers vertical) based on speed and vehicles. Majority of the people would be working from home, have cars and vehicles powered by nuclear power.

    The major metros would have become multi-tiered cities. Jungles would have almost vanished, tigers, elephants, and lions would be seen by our future children as we see dinosaur specimen.

    The concept of the family would have changed to a large communal living for the average and single living for the rich. People would have colonized the moon and the rich would be having holiday homes on the Moon and other planets. The average man and his family would travel to the moon during summer holidays like how we go on a holiday. Food and water would be like tablets to be swallowed, e-waste and nuclear waste would be as common as domestic waste that we see now.

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    After 100 years, a person named A26; after swallowing a capsule of breakfast a few drops of water locks his apartment door and walk the street filled with individuals similiar to him. Now religion isn't an issue. But area is. Districts have become self-sufficient and have closed the gates for contact and commerce.
    Families are a myth. People live alone now.
    Only one of five men are allowed to reproduce with a chosen female by government because of booming population.
    This male is termed alpha. You can be an alpha too if you grow better financially,physically, mentally and spiritually.
    Medical treatment is free now. Because epidemics and flus are spreading like wildfires. You have to take a shot before leaving and after entering the " house."
    Jobs are given to individuals only after thorough examination of skills. Housemaids are robots.

    A26, even after living in this world for 26 years, marvels the turn of events. A26 for a brief moment removes his oxygen mask, breathes the smoke and soot. He still hasn't got a job. And everything in the world costs a lot of money.
    His life isn't affordable. He goes to the "Youthenesia". Because of increasing depression and mental disorders, denizens of this world are allowed to euthanize themselves whenever they want.
    Youthenesia is the leading service provider with the fastest killing capacity.
    A26 looks around the world he lived in for one last moment with tear-filled eyes.

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    Interesting replies, I enjoyed it. Aditya's replies made me feel like I used to read Science Fiction comics.

    Natrajan, you are right. Like how people go to different country for holidays, then people might go to Moon or ISS (International space station).

    Wherein, Dr. Rao has really serious thought. We might go back to stone age and start again our civilization.

    Looking for some more interesting creative imaginations by our members.

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    After 100 years I imagine a world with cars flying as well as floating. There is no land remain and even if it is there its just few Island. People have colonies over water and the food is not grown on land but alternatives are their sea is the main source whether its vegetarian or nonvegetarian all food comes from the sea. Few people who have a house on land are People with the luxury they have a home in both water and land. A land is a luxurious place.
    The world is not safe full of creatures of water very few land animal in existence who were saved by humans survived because of technology, No concept of nations now as all is water but there is government still a form of class and race exist divisions in society are clear. Money is still the power.

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    Science and technology are progressing with a rapid pace and in 100 years there will be phenomenal changes in the world in the way we live and visualize it today.

    Transportation is one area where there will be big changes and we might move from one place to other in encapisulated tubes with high speeds. The cities will be converted in big buildings where all facilities will be inside as outside atmosphere will not be conducive to health due to ozone layer depletions in Earth atmosphere.

    The human camps and residence on Mars may be a reality by then and movement of people from Earth to Mars may become an option to abandon Earth due to environment degradation.

    Anyway these are some ideas which may become true by that time.

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    After 100 years there would be drastic changes in everything. The life span of the people would be over 100 to 150 years. They would be living for so many years by not having healthy food but having a simple capsule which will sustain us not to have food and water. That means lots of savings on food and water. People would be sitting at home as their work from home concept takes front seat. No more going out , earning for livelihood as there is no fight for the food. The salaries would be enormous and bigger denomination notes will come to effect. Every street will have small helipad and the short journeys are done on the basis of Ola cab now. Petrol would be 3000 rupees per liter and it will be sacredly available. Most of the vehicles would run on solar or electric power. And there would be no extravagant marriage as there is no important for the food.
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