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    A near death experience when you thought you got your second life

    Its not easy and comfortable to feel or think about such situation but this is life with so much uncertainty. You may never know what will happen the next moment. We have come across some situation when we experience a near death, your mind stopped working and when you get concious, you felt as if it's your second birth.

    I had such horrible experience when I was crossing the railway line. I saw the fast train coming but it looked in some distance and I felt that I could cross the track before it comes near. My judgement was so wrong, as I was crossing the track the train just appear in front of me from no where, I move faster and hold the railing which divide the two track. The zoom sound came and the train just crossed beside me. That was the last day when I tried to cross railway track ever. Indeed, one second late movement of mine could have taken my life.

    I know no one wants to remember such incident but this is how we learn it from our mistakes. Have you ever had any such experience which you want to share it here.
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    It is very difficult to forget such situations which happened in our lives. At the first instance, we should not do such risky things like crossing railway tracks, getting down from a moving train or bus, driving the vehicles with semiconscious mind etc. I also had a bitter experience but it is not my fault but I experienced it. We were travelling in an ambassador car from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. It is around 1 Am midnight. Four persons in the back seat were sleeping. We two were in the front seat in the semi-sleeping stage. I don't know what happened. My driver went to the wrong side and hit an oil tanker coming in the opposite direction. If you see the damage to the car, it will give an impression that all the people travelling in the car were no more. I feel God only saved us. We were along with some minor injuries and two of us with broken legs. Luckily the bridegroom who was travelling in the car is safe without ant problems. The people who visited the site told us that our was a rebirth.
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    Yes, it is not pleasant to remember or talk about such circumstances but just when we think we are great or superior, we can think of these events that should make us more humble and thankful to the Lord.

    We have to pass by a railway crossing daily to and fro close to a circle with a traffic signal. Often both signals are manned. Once along with the crowd of two-wheelers, I crossed after the gates were opened. But on that day, there were no traffic police at the circle just a few hundred yards. A truck took an illegal right turn and landed straight in the left lane of ours and there was a fatal accident with one motorbike and few others fell down like a backlash of the impact.

    A few minutes earlier, I was angry that I was caught in the back of the long traffic queue but that likely saved me from a major accident that day. It made me realize that whatever happens, it happens for a reason and we should not try and question such events.

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