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    Divorce cases are increasing

    The cases of Divorce are increasing these days. Women have right to be self-confident, economically independent. Education has made the girls be firm in voicing their thoughts and feelings. Girls are going in for professional jobs and working for longer hours, but it has one disadvantage, The social and family structure is undergoing a change. Girls do not have much time for socialising, for doing traditional women's work like cooking. The family equations are changing.
    Shouldn't men accept the new role of women?
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    I am of the opinion that divorce cases are coming down. These days the number of eligible ladies for marriage is less than the that of gents. So any gents are in search of girls. So I am of the impression that they have a comedown. In our family, the marriages within the last 5 years were of without ant dowry only. Taking dowry is not a correct practice. These days girls are showing their skills in almost all the areas of life and they are overtaken their male counterparts in many issues. They are in every field and they are proving that they are no way less than a male. Why should the question of dowry arise? The girls should not accept to marry a boy whose family is demanding dowry. They should bluntly say that they don't want to by their husbands. Then these people will understand the problem in getting a good female to partner his life. This is the only way to avoid this bad practice existing in the society.
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    I am not sure of the exact statistics, hence would be inappropriate in commenting on the title. If I can take an educated guess, I think you would be correct. But as far as the thread is concerned, yes, the couple should adapt and are adapting to the new dynamics in a family life.
    Girls are more aware and assertive as far as their role in their new family and career is concerned. They are happy to juggle multiple roles, have caretakers and babysitters for family members who need support and manage their career needs too.
    I have seen many colleagues (mothers or fathers) picking up their child from daycare centers, packing some food on the way and going home. The concept of a cooked meal at home is ok if there is time otherwise it would be a takeaway based on their budgets. Most couples have individual cars, accounts and can manage the show for a few days on their own if needed.

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    Legally speaking the cases of divorce is in the increasing trend. This can be seen by seeing the bulging crowd in the family courts. Besides this silent separations are happening. The major reason for such trend is poor understanding and impatience between couples. In the periods before then to twenty years the disputed couples were advised and made joined by elders, but now no youngsters hearing elders as well elders got frustrated on their activities. Unless otherwise the couple themselves understand each other and follow give-and-take policy, the hormany inthe house will get lapsed.

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