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    Take your children daily to the nearest park and temples

    Today the activities of children are cramped into nutshell and many parents do not care about their freeness, talents and other activities. Instead, to free themselves they hand over their mobiles or computers. By keep on playing or referring computers/mobiles their shrinkened, got eye defect. To get rid parents both or either of them should take the children to the nearest park as well temples daily for a specific hours. Through which parents can identify the interest of children, making them to mingle with others. By taking temples and making them to recite simple prayer slogans helping them to enrich with good character. Thereby we are contributing a little for our good and great nation
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    A very good advice by the author to the today's parents. It is true that the parents these days are very busy in their daily routines and not able to concentrate more on their children. So they encourage the children for all virtual things on their computers and mobiles. This is becoming a big problem and the children are becoming lazy and obese. They can't move freely. They will be awake past midnight and they get up only in the afternoon only. There will not be a discipline in their habits or procedures. So as suggested by the author the parents should see that their children will have more of human touch and develop good relations with other people. They should play outdoor games and understand the good ethics of life. For these parents should spend some time with their children and see that they will understand the values in life and their importance.
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    Really a very good advice. Nowadays parents are busy with their jobs and career that they don't give time to children's. At least they should have one hour daily to take their children's outside home so that they can relax themselves.
    Taking to religious places is a very good option given by author and going to park they can play. These days childrens are addicted to computer games and they don't know importance of playing outdoor games
    I suggest all parents take their childrens to parks, temples daily so that they can go outside and play well.

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    I must appreciate the author for giving the good advise to the parents through this forum. Yes the children are slowly drifting away from the responsibility and also shunning their basics in garb of having logged on to the computer or fiddling with cell phone. The children are so busy that they wont care who has come to the house, nor exchange pleasantries nor talk with them. The visiting people thinks that the children have ego and thus brand them otherwise. Good advise from author that we should take the children to park, temples and also to relatives house for a change in their life.
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    Often true, both parents and children become busy with the changes in our work culture and the intensity of the education. Many times teh only form of relaxation is watching a movie or playing on a tab or smart phone. We cannot blame the children alone because parents are also doing the same.
    Instead, they can try going for a simple walk around the neighborhood, go the nearby parks etc for the children to explore and learn things about nature. They can also be take to museums, places of faith where in they can learn new knowledge and insight into our culture and religion that would be very useful compared to just staring at a tab.
    Once the spend time away like this away from the textbook education, they would be more relaxed, behavior better and be more fit and active. Parents also will benefit with these kind of family bonding activities that is easily within our reach.

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