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    New Zealand's first satellite visible to naked eye

    Rocket Lab, the American start-up aerospace company launched a satellite of New Zeland. They say this satellite is visible to our naked eye. The name of the satellite is Humanity Star. It is a sphere made of 65 reflective panels and it is in the shape of a sphere. It will orbit the earth once in every 90 minutes. The lab says that the satellite will be visible to the naked eye at night as it passes overhead.
    The Humanity Star will orbit approximately 9 months before its orbit starts to decay and it is pulled back into the Earth's gravity as per the statement given by the lab. It will get burnt once it re-enters into the earth's orbit.

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    Is that mean the satellite will travel from the low level of the earth so that it is visible to our naked eyes. Probably at what time it may be visible over the skies in Hyderabad to view the same ?
    K Mohan
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    Sorrowfully, we hardly have a chance in India .
    Stars and other celestial magic appears only in plain cloudless skies. With present pollution rate I doubt whether we we'll be fortunate enough to be graced by humanity star.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Glad to hear that there is a satellite that can be seen by naked eye. The Humanity star is said to be about the size of a beach ball with reflective surfaces enabling it to be a bright object. This controversial satellite apparently was kept as a secret payload, it can be seen at dawn and dusk, maybe from rural countryside without much light and on a clear sky. Not sure whether we can see it in India. There is already criticism from astronomers quoting that it is a useless disco ball, that would add to the space junk until it decays and falls off its orbit. Some serious astronomers consider the humanity star as a piece of advertisement for the company.

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    I also agree with Mr. Natarajan that astronomers are criticising the launch of Humanity star, a fake star or satellite. As per my search, it is found that it will not be visible in India.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
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    I agree to the point where some scientists say it adds more to space junk. Yes, there are a lot of unused or dead satellites which are still orbiting around the earth in the form of debris. Hope this satellite, so-called Humanity star won't add up to that junk. I don't understand why they secretly launched this satellite. Is it a spying satellite or really an advertisement tactic? Who knows! The idea of making it visible to the naked eye is intriguing though. But it yet marked a new phase making a low orbiting satellite. This can be very useful for communications and weather monitoring in future days.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    You can see it in India.
    The Humanity Star supposedly does not have any research purpose and the critics feel it's a publicity stunt. It's creator felt that it would remind people how small they were in this vast space/universe.

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    The website has a track option, you enter the location in the left corner. It gives you information about the best chance of seeing it, when and how long.
    I have entered Mumbai. It should be seen in 39 days from now fro about 4 and half minutes!

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