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    A friends reunion after 45 years.

    Last week we had classmates meet of our intermediate class of the year 1970-72. We studied in a government junior college in Andhra Pradesh. Some of us are in touch. But we have never met each other after completing the course. After almost 45 years, meeting them was a real thrill and everybody was very happy and participated with a lot of enthusiasm. The meet was organized at Secunderabad boat club and two friends from the US also attended the same. Even though we were meeting after 45 years we were able to recognize many of them and shared our life experiences with others. A day that can't be forgotten and it was a wonderful experience. The 10 hours meet was a real enjoyment for everybody.
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    Wow, great sir that you are still in contact with your 45 years old friend. This is an example of true friendship. I hope your friendship last long. My good wishes to you.

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    Meeting the old friend is really exciting moment for every one and if such meeting takes place after long long time,.then there would lots of talking and exchange views and information about others. Normally close friends who had best relations with us and parted ways for their own reasons would certainly recall best moments of life of himself and every other friends and thus we would be treated with all those memories and re winded again. I can understand your happiness which cannot be told in words and cannot be described at all. From now onward you have one more close friend.
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    I'm glad that you had your class reunion, it is a great nostalgic time that everyone should have. It's an opportunity to meet our friends, classmates, compare notes, see their families, see how they have changed.

    The silly fights and enmity some would have had, the bubbly characters, the pranksters all forgotten and mellowed with the passage of time.

    In one of our reunions a couple of years back, we had been to our graduation college to meet the pre-invited teachers (who were contactable), spent an hour walking down the corridors, canteen and lab room. Although there were many new faces, it was just like good old college days. We all laughed.

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    What an example of long lasting friendship, in today's time when no one cares about no one a reunion of school friends after so many years is really inspiring for youngsters. I too want such friendship in my friend circle, my friends and I always feel proud that we are still in touch and others are not but reading this thread made me realize that our being in touch is nothing compared to this type of reunion.
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    Wow. It is so amazing. I am sharing this with my friends, who are still planning to have get together and not proceeded anything further. We can't even make the alumni meet successfully. Everybody got deviated to different direction. Girls who got married and settled in abroad could not make vacation plan at their convenient. We are dependent on our husbands' vacation plan. However these things just struck me, while reading your post, that joy of friends and friends meet are first thing that brought fresh feel in my heart. Nice post. Thank you for sharing your happiness with us. As always, happiness gets doubled, when shared.
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    It is not only a pleasure but also really rejuvenating to meet old friends of school days. It is also remarkable that all of you still keep in touch and could recognize one another during the reunion. Great going! I sincerely hope that you continue the reunion every year.
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