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    Guess who would be the privileged member to whom I shall respond my 50,000 th reply ?

    Guess who would be the privileged member to whom I shall respond my 50,000 th reply ? Yes to be precise I have so far posted 49,997 responses in the India Study Channel all these 8 and half years and still three more responses are to be completed to reach the goal of 50,000 responses in this esteemed site. Surely on 28th Jan morning I shall be completing the task. Before that just guess who could the privileged member to who I shall address my 50,000th forum response. For him or her it would be the post to remember ?
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    It is great that you have written half Lack responses in the thread section. It is are ord on its own. It is amazing that you are counting the number of responses you have made. If you ask me I can't say. How many threads I have responded or even how many threads I have posted. How you are maintaining the number count I can't imagine. It is a rare record. I don't know whether any other member ahead of you or you are the first. For this great achievement accept my congratulations to you and I hope you will continue your good work and enlighten all the members with your rich experience.
    always confident

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    Amazing to note that you've contributed so largely in ISC. Good luck for future.
    I would ask you to respond to the post that deserves. There are few ISCians who regularly post in forums. And there are some who are content with responding.
    So see to that you respond to a nice thread and make your 50000th response worth it.

    Well.. Natarajan, Partha and Dr. Srinivasan rao are more regular in posting queries or info, so judging by probability, they might be the lucky recipients.

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    What a great record sir. Advanced wishes and congratulations, 50,000 replies in forum, it sounds like it is a lifetime record. Truly, an achievement worth celebrating at ISC. Rather than the name, let the thread be worthy to get your reply.

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    Amazing to hear that you are going to complete 50000 soon. Very warm wishes to you. It's a true achievement for you being a member of Isc. I can't say who is going to be that member.
    So let's see who is going to be that lucky member.

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    I am always amazed by your Bradmanesque performance. I don't understand how do you manage to motivate yourself. And you are doing this year after year. Great achievement, Mr. Mohan! Congratulations in advance on your 50,000th response.
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    Sankaran sir's post on water sacristy was my 50,000th response in this site.
    K Mohan
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    Very great achievement, Mr. Mohan, congratulations. I am more astonished to note that my thread led to your glorious achievement. Hope this achievement will be a booster for you and continue to participate in this section as the best contributor. Best regards.

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    Big achievement it shows how much fit you are, it really took quiet a time to achieve that, congrats sir, hats off.
    live happily in every situation of life

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