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    Water scarcity is predicted this year too.

    Meteorological predictions point towards a water scarce year. That is a sort of a warning and everybody should prepare to face it and also extend every support to reduce the related difficulties.
    Each one of us must concentrate on preserving rainwater and underground water. Rainwater harvesting must be propagated as a policy. Necessary propaganda and training must be given in this. We allow the rainwater to flow to some river or stream. We must try to collect it our own well if one has it in the compound. If not artificial tanks can be prepared to save it. If there is a well, recharging it with rainwater will be very useful.
    Together with the water conservation activities, necessary steps must be taken to keep it without contamination. Proper management of waste also is important otherwise the water saved will get contaminated. There are several simple techniques now to treat biodegradable waste. One suitable technique can easily be studied and made available in the compound. Necessary propaganda for all these must be given in the society such that these such that these become part of everybody's daily routine.
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    This is my 50,000 th response

    Yes it is a fact that the ground water level has been depleted to such extent that even by drilling 1200 to 1500 feet there is no guarantee of getting the water stream or the source. The rain water which is supposed to be saved are being let out to the storm water drain and thus the addition to the exiting level of group water is not replenished. Added to the woes, the rainy season was not in time and not consistent. But Telangana government has taken up the task of cleansing and restoring the water bodies across the towns and cities under Mission Kakatiya project so that in future the water from the rain would be saved for irrigation and drinking purpose. Why such actions are not taken by other states ?

    K Mohan
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    I am very happy to note that this response is your 50,000th and happier for my thread being the cause for it.
    In Kerala the water conservation issue has been taken up both by the State Govt. and different voluntary organizations. At the Govt. level there is a Haritha Mission programme which aims at and work for agriculture and related water conservation issues. Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishath is an organization which consistently work for environmental protection and propagate it among all categories of people including educational institutions.


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    Understanding imortance of water and following the measures for conservation of water is the most urgent need of the time and any effort for increasing the awareness in this area is most welcome.

    Water is becoming a precious commodity day by day. A large part of rain water goes waste in gutters and dirty streams and reaches sea to become a part of highly saline sea water. There are some efforts to retain rain water in big dams and ponds but they are not sufficient seeing the increasing demand of water everywhere.

    Increased Govt thrust in this field along with public participation in conservation of water is very much necessary for making the water available to all round the year.

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    It is sad that people of 2 States are fighting over water. All people do need water. The Govts. should come together to help each other. The Govts. should also start good advertisement campaigns to tell people about not wasting water.

    There are people throwing water on the road after washing a car. Why not put it on the trees on the road? There are even a lot of fountains in the hotels. What for? So much waste of water! In the house, why do people keep the tap open when shaving or brushing teeth? Close the tap, finish shaving or brushing, then open the tap when you want the water. Water in the rainy season can be saved if the govt makes lake- areas to catch that water. Big housing complexes with many people should also do such saving of water through rainwater harvesting. The rising scarcity of water is truly alarming.

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    Water is a very important and necessary commodity for the human being. The population is increasing and water consumption is proportionately is also increasing. Groundwater levels are going down and rains are unpredictable. The water on the earth is a gift of GOD. In olden days water is available plenty and it is free any quantity of water. Over a period of time, as the groundwater levels are diminishing, water conservation and preservation has become a social responsibility these days. We now started purchasing drinking water and slowly water for use also sales are started. It is wise not to waste water as the resources and slowly decreasing. No timely rains. There is plenty of water in the sea. But that is not useful. So the present day generation should think of preserving the water and see how to restrict usage of water. In some areas, people are going miles together to fetch a pot of water. This is our social responsibility as responsible citizens of India.
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    Nice thread I was thinking of raising a topic about water scarcity. The way we are moving carelessly using water especially fresh water in a very irresponsible way the day is not far away when will be crying for every drop of water.
    According to a report by the world bank around 21 cities in India will have no water till the year 2030 if such remains the condition. The way the groundwater is used in many to a very high extent without any policy for its conservation and a way to replenish it and because of this situation has become such that many places have reached to a condition of the zero-ground water level.
    So here are some alarming facts about India moving towards water scarcity in India by big organizations like UN, world bank e.t.c.
    1. About 40% population will have no water to drink by the year 2030.
    2. 21 cities to have no water until the year 2030.
    3. About 70% water in the country is contaminated and thus India is ranked 120 among 122 countries on the basis of water quality.

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    A thread worthy of the 50,000 th response. The future wars are not going to be for money or land, it would be for food and water.
    Consumed by our greed and selfish nature, we have been unable to think and sustained living so that our children and their grandchildren can have simple things that drinking water, clean air and good food. There are constant fights between Karnataka and Tamilnadu over Cauvery water, now it's between Karnataka and Goa.

    The only way we can converse water is for the change to come from within each one of us. Each family, each neighborhood and each town and city should have measures for itself. All politicians should cut across party lines to drive home the message of water conservation. Incentives should be given to people who use less water, penalties for those who waste water.

    All governments across the world should exchange research regarding economic methods of producing drinking water from seawater and have water recycling plants.

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    According to one prediction, the next world war would be fought for water.

    Giving the fact that India carries 17% of the global population but at the same time 4% of global water resources. Adding, we are ranked 132 in water availability & 122 in water quality.

    Getting poorer in every aspects. Writing essays & making policies will not add to the effective use but need implementation of the same on a fast track.

    Due to consistent elections throughout country our priorities getting shifted each time & therefore the important aspects are being ignored on the political ground as well. What we are facing as Water Scarcity, had known to us since long time but still we are discussing more & more.

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    We should all read the article about Capetown South Africa that I came across. The city's water supply is in dire status, residents will get only 50 liters/day to use, showers are rationed, a pressure of water pumped to pipes is low. Even then it is not sufficient.

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    Excessive depletion of underground water, increased pollution, the pollution of rivers and underground waters by factories, climatic changes which result in less rainfall are all adding up to the water scarcity problem in our country. We must take every measure to prevent drought situations that may happen in future if this continues. Harvesting rainwater through sinkholes, a system which keeps a check for excessive underwater bore pump mechanisms, reducing the emission by vehicles or reducing the consumption of fossil fuels that produce greenhouse gases, checking the factories which pollute nearby rivers and lands will all help in conserving water.

    Also, we must reduce the wastage of water as well. I see many people in some localities where they use excess water to wash their surroundings or cars or any vehicles. I see water flowing from their house to colony roads for a long distance. We must also play our part in reducing the wastage of water we daily use.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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