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    Schizophrenia - Scenario in India

    Schizophrenia a chronic psychological disorder characterized by loss of faith between reality and fiction, lack of social intimacy, hearing unknown voices within the self (hallucinations), depression, anxiety and false belief. The exact cause of this disorder isn't clear. It is a culminating effect of genetics and environmental factors. The most common symptoms in people with Schizophrenia are hallucinations, lack of ability to think or coordinate and delusions. They tend to keep themselves out of reality.

    Late teenage or early adulthood is the peak period for the onset of symptoms of this disorder. People having a family history of psychosis can inherit Schizophrenia.

    In India, more than one million people are affected by this disorder. There is no proper awareness among people regarding this condition. Most of the hospitals do not have a separate wing to diagnose and treat this condition. The only treatment for such patients in India is rehabilitation in psychiatric hospitals called mental hospitals. I don't think that is the correct place for treating a person suffering from Schizophrenia. Western countries have immense knowledge about this condition, not only doctors or psychiatrists but also among common people. They invest millions of dollars in research and cure for this disease. But why lack of proper knowledge in India? Do you think is it because India has less schizophrenic patients than western countries? No, there are more schizophrenic patients in India than western countries but they are inappropriately diagnosed as mentally retarded or mental patients and are sent to mental hospitals.

    This has to change. The public must be made aware that Schizophrenia is one of the many psychological disorders which must be treated separately and not altogether with others. Simply throwing people in mental wards will not cure this condition.

    A constructive treatment with antipsychotic drugs, behavioral therapy, family support and community interaction is the appropriate treatment for Schizophrenia. Institutionalization must happen only if the voluntary or involuntary symptoms/episodes are very severe. Although there is no appropriate cure for this, a good conditioning (medically and psychologically) of the person with all moral support can reduce the progressive symptoms.

    Share your opinions about what we can do to raise awareness about this condition.
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    The main problem in our country is overpopulation. As the commodity plenty available there no value for the people here. The way we use medicines without proper knowledge is an indication of this. In our country, many people are not giving importance even to their old parents and they send them to old age homes. In the same way, they will keep these patients in the mental hospitals and leave them to their fate.
    The awareness of the people is to be increased by taking some initiatives by the governemnt. The doctors in the hospitals should advise properly when they bring such people to the hospitals and advise them how to deal with this patients. Some public awareness programs, some advertisements in Radios, TVs and Theatres like what is being done now for discouraging smoking. DD can bring some programs in their channel and see that the message will go to the common man.

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    According to a report published in a journal called " India Journal of Psychiatry", our country has just 1 psychiatrist over a population 4 lakh mental patient i.e, a total number of the psychiatrist in our country is just 4000. In such condition how can we expect a correct diagnose for a disease like Schizophrenia where we can't even have a correct diagnose about depression just because people are ashamed of going to a psychiatrist. It is like a dream or utopian to think about the condition where anyone will care about these patients. Doctors in government hospital don't even have time for a woman in labor dying. Can we expect them to give their attention to a patient with a disorder this complicated in which even family members leaves the patient alone?
    No, I don't think so. India has miles to go in the sector of medicines for providing better healthcare facilities in India. In which a very little amount of GDP is spent.

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    I speculate that sleeplessness and anxiety powered by acute distrust cause Schizophrenia. There are a ton of mental disorders but their treatment is more or less the same in India. They're sent to the so called "mental hospitals". Where they're tormented and further sickened.

    The only way to treat a schizophrenic person would be to somehow relax his heart and clear his mind.
    I have an idea how that can be done. How about mental puzzles or severe physical exercises.
    A steady heart rate prevents anxiety. With anxiety away, testing and treating a patient would be very easy.

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    While I do agree that community interaction can have greater impact on Schizophrenia. but not every one likes to interact that way and hence treating those patients who are introvert is difficult. What is more interesting that we never try to understand those people who are abnormal in their behaviour. We conclude they are mentally challenged and hence brand them odd persons to understand. But every one has the point to convince themselves but in the case of this kind of people they wont interact with others freely and thus understanding them even by doctor would be difficult.
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    I think creating awareness about Schizophrenia should be taken up seriously by the governments and NGOs functioning in this area.

    I have observed that most of us consider mental disorders, especially of this nature, as a case of misconception by the person suffering from the same and do not understand that such symptoms are part of a mental disorder which need to be attended to medically. People can relate to symptoms of other common diseases because they have either experienced it themselves or have seen others experiencing it and so understand the gravity of the ailment more easily. But people suffering from mental disorders find it very difficult to explain what they feel or experience because the person on the other side has no or very less clue about the same. Such symptoms are very often confused with behavioral problems or are connected to their habits like smoking and drinking and is hence not taken very seriously.

    Mental health is definitely an area which needs to be studied more deeply and need to be approached more seriously because it is, I believe, not very easy to specifically conclude about the way the mind or the brain of a person function.

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    The author has raised a very important issue highlighting the condition of schizophrenic patients in our country.

    Unfortunately the persons suffering from schizophrenia are not getting the proper care and attention. This neglect is deteriorating their condition further and in many cases even some of the patients are turning hysteric or violent.

    In old times our experienced elders diverted these people to religious discourse and religious prayer singing activities and surprisingly their ailment was contained and no further deterioration took place.

    People might consider these as divine healings but scientifically speaking these are psychological methods only.

    The society has to change it's perspective regarding these people who are suffering from their mental disabilty. We must extend our warmth and good behaviour to these people then only the prescribed medicines to them will show their positive result.

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    A thoughtful post about a harsh reality. First things first, In India, we should get rid of the concept of 'Mental hospital' or 'Mental doctor'. It has is a negative social stigma that people don't even want to talk about it.

    We should accept that we cannot imitate Western standards when we have people spitting pan in clean staircases and homes having to paste images of Gods so that insensitive people do not urinate on their compound walls.

    What we need is the premier neuro centers to co-ordinate and train existing staff in other Government hospital how to recognise and treat or refer such patients and then follow them up.

    We need to train nurses and healthcare workers to act as out-reach community experts who can keep track of such people and support their families. Community doctors should be strengthened in basic counseling and management of such people who suffer in silence.

    All these need the staunch support of the Government in terms of funds, infrastructure, and skilled manpower. For the rural areas, we need to setup simple tele consult centers wherein nationwide experts can pitch in their expertise to help the local doctors on the ground to handle such schizophrenics.

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