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    Is there any product life cycle-2? May be in ISC.

    Product life cycle is a term in management, particularly in marketing. It describes the stages of first thought to reach the top and slowly decline to reach the final stage to be thrown out from the market. But in ISC, I can always say there will be a product lifecycle 2 and I hope many members would have experienced it with the membership level starting from Bronze, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum to reach atop and one has to maintain each level with a certain level of contribution. Otherwise, the membership level may start declining.

    While in marketing theory people will always talk about throwing out only, in ISC there are many involved to keep product life cycle 2 with which another growth starts from each level. The factors involved are, the members themselves resume after some time if they are away from ISC due to any reason personal to them or the editorial panel, by doing a really good job in motivating each and every member by pointing out their own strengths.

    Members may come with their experience about this product life cycle 2.
    (The beginning, concluding or continuing is not only applicable to Bahubali but also in ISC)
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    Good. I joined ISC in 2009.I used to spend some time and I reached Gold member level. Then my work pressure in the Organisation is increased and I stopped logging in to the site. But again as there is a change in the Organisation and I have some good free time I started regularly visiting the site. It is almost more than a year and I am very regular these days. I have obtained Diamond level. I don't know whether it is my cycle 2. But I never went down so far. That means I am scoring the required points to continue at my Diamond level so far. I hope I can continue for some more time. I am happy that senior members like Mohan are still in their cycle 1 only. Ha has completed 50,000 responses in the forum section.
    I hope it is not the conclusion of my journey on this site. I wish I will continue my journey for long. I wish many of the members will have their valuable posts on this site to the advantage of other members.

    always confident

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    Thanks, @Rao for sharing your experience in ISC in this regard.

    For me, when I was active, I was eyeing on the membership levels and put hard to reach the Diamond Level and retained for some time and afterward, as my contribution is very meager (though I may say my heart is always with ISC) that is not sufficient to retain the diamond and hence reduced to gold. Hope, I will get back my diamond shining on my page. People may think why we should think about membership levels but in ISC even that has benefits

    Also, we have many members after with a strong quit also has surely inclined towards ISC and started contributing and maintaining their membership level.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    My life in ISC is always like 2nd cycle whenever I have returned. With the kind of experience I have in ISC , people may do not like to come back however I have always fought back. Not to prove myself but for love of the ISC. I too have worked hard and reached to Diamond level but as Author has said that one need to maintain the level. I couldn't able to do so and I was back again in Gold level. Now, it is not much importance to me and I don't care about many things in ISC. My aim is to post my writing and be happy with it.

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    As far as my life cycle in this site is concerned it is cycle no 1 and no change. Why because a sort of consistency has been maintained and the levels were achieved with ease. Not only in this site, I was active in spider sites and in all of them I was diamond member too. But owing to much importance to this site, I have discontinued in those spider sites and what I feel that the gap between the diamond and the platinum is very high, One has to really work hard to get the platinum level , other wise he may stay put in the diamond level. Moreover if the threshold of points are not maintained one can loose the membership level too.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    That is true Mohan. Going to Platinum level is very difficult. Very few members like you who are very regular on this site may go to that level and as expressed by other members retaining the level is also a bit difficult. Really we have to do a lot of work from them and as you become very regular and routine we may not get the required support from all other fronts also. I mean not on the site. I mean external responsibilities like profession family and other commitments will question us our time here while neglecting the other important points. There comes the conflict and the zeal we have towards this site may win over finally. As felt by others I also feel if we develop a bonding with this site breaking that is very difficult. We may get addicted to this site and forget other works also sometimes. Really great.
    always confident

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    For me I have never missed my personal commitment, family responsibility and office works which is no way hinder my performance here. I made it a habit to contribute early in the morning which is not a disturbance to my family nor my office work and again after every member of the family reaches home only I shall open the site. That way I am able to balance the ISC and family responsibility sensibly and stands to benefit from both ends. Yes those who does not have the time for at least one hour daily to ISC, they cannot compete nor contribute and thus there are every chance of loosing the membership level too and demoting the ranks.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A great thoughtful thread, many of us form associations with websites, chat or interactive sites or even what's app for fun, education, relaxation or just a passion to do something different. I'm just at the beginning of cycle:1, whenever I find free time, I keep contributing because whenever my flexible working hours permit.

    It is an enriching experience to interact with senior members, to participate in contests, to stimulate the creative streak and above all to learn and earn. I try to keep active in the forum, ask the experts and have started to venture into article section. I sincerely hope that I can channel all my free time usefully for the next few months and continue if time permits. Initially, I didn't know that one has to regularly contribute to maintain status and avoid a demotion.

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    Even I am also experiencing the 2 cycle. I was just visiting the ISC frequently but not much active than I used to during my initial years from 2009 to 2012. Because of some study pressure and time crisis make thing difficult to remain active in ISC. Hope I will now manage my time similar to my first cycle.

    I always eager to get a response, point, cash and of course AdSense revenue from my post. This feels good.

    I am thankful to ISC that it has given me money and learning both. My English improves because of ISC posts and article writing.

    The best part of the ISC is humbleness with every member. Editors are always eager to help and ready to make changes as and when required.

    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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