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    Which excursions were more exciting. From the school or from the college ?

    During school days and college days, we have been treated with excursions or tour program to long distance and that would be exciting memory for every one of us. While in school we had been to the zoo park and Salarjung Museam and while in college we had been to Vijayawada and Vizag. While the school trip was restricted with less enjoyment as the teacher would be after us. Whereas the college trip was very enjoyable as the lecturers also joined with us in all the games and fun and thus for a while we have forgotten about teacher-student relation. What about you ?
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    I had been to many excursion during my school life as well as college life also. For me, both are different enjoyments for the age and everlasting memories will be there for me. During my school, the school teachers took our class students to Rajahmundry, a nearby city. We were shown Prakasam barrage and AP Paper mills. The process of paper manufacturing was very clearly explained by the Manager there. From that day onwards, I developed a liking for working in a process industry and finally I was on the line I wanted. In that way, the high school excursion was a memorable event for me.
    Then during my college studies, we were taken to Bangalore for a 5-day trip and I was fortunate enough to go to the IISc a premier Science learning centre. I hade been to Visvesvarayya Museum also there. We had a very good fun time during that trip and we have become more intimate with the lecturers who accompanied us. A very interesting journey those days.

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    I remember a few excursions of school time but they were very general type - a picnic in a scenic place, a trip to the river and things like that.

    The excursion during college time was really thrilling and enjoyable as it was to a hilly town and all of us were mesmerised by the sheer beauty of the place. The food on the roadside with fresh cut fruits and local varieties of dishes is still in my memories. Another factor is that we were probably more free as compared to the strict discipline of school days and that might have added the extra fun.

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    School excursions were fun as there was great excitement to go with friends and teachers. I remember going to secretariat of Madras, the snake park, mahabalipuram, kancheepuram and Gandhi Mandap, all in Chennai, (Madras) those days.
    In fact after all those years.. recently I found a picnic photo taken years back and this helped me connect through social media with some of my classmates after almost 35 years. For me that picnic was indeed special.

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    Our school excursions were more fun for me because it was much more fun than college ones. We all have had few excursions that have been memorable to us. School excursions meant a holiday, no homework and the next day would be light for teachers and us. Everything was arranged, we used to take pride in pooling our pocket money to buy snacks and chocolates.Those days we didn't have the multiple varieties of chips packets.
    We enjoyed the visits to temples, palaces and animal safaris etc.
    For the next few days, we would be sharing the stories about what we saw and what we did.In our school, only one or two teachers used to have the camera and the pictures would only be put up in the noticeboard, not given in hand. In comparison, college picnics were good but there would be small groups, alcohol and unruly behaviour in the bus or the visit place that would mar the fun and joy of others.

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