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    India ranks 4th in the world in terms of most doctoral graduates in various fields

    Yes it is the fact that India ranks 4th in the world in terms of most doctoral graduates in various fields and we have every chance to over take third and second position shortly. Take pride that our country occupies fourth position in the world as regards to most doctoral graduates qualified. US stands first with 67,449 doctorates last year, Germany stands second with 28,147 doctorates, UK with 25,020 is leading at third place and India with 24,300 doctorates is in the fourth position. So the difference between the 1st and second position is vast, but India has every chance to surpass the UK and Germany this year and may occupy the second position in the world as regards to most doctoral graduates.
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    Good news to know that. I was expecting china in this competition as well. Pharma sector in china is not owned by any big brands actually. India needs lot of doctors in reality. If we compare us with Germany and UK. They are very tiny country in size and population wise.

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    For a vast company like us, it is not a very big figure. It is good to note the quantity of the doctoral graduates is good in number. But we may have to see the quality of the work.Where we stand in that respect. of course, a PhD degree from the University will make you understand the methodology of working on a new aspect and solving the problem.
    The research and development activity will be very useful for the development of the industry and especially the manufacturing sector.
    I hope India will continue its good work and produce a number of doctorates and see that we will occupy the second position at least if not the first position. This will show the encouragement our UGC and CSIR is extending for students for their higher studies.

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    Great to know India has got the 4th position in terms of doctoral graduates. It is not easy to achieve the standards needed for doctoral studies in multiple fields. The top three countries (USA, Germany, UK) have been traditional haven for graduate studies for global students.
    We need to strengthen the colleges and universities in terms of the support, policies, research activities, and paper writing. The intake, assessment of these candidates need to be stringent to ensure quality so that we can attract more and more foreign students alongside Indian students. This would enable us to move up the ranking and become globally recognized universities.
    Lastly, we should see to it that, the Indian graduates coming out should have proper job opportunities so that their education is not wasted.

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    Please read this thread by Dr Srinivasa Rao also for additional information on the topic.
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