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    The Society and the Universities: The missing link.

    The seeds for the development of the country should start from the Universities. The PhD degrees the University award is to divert the scientists to understand the need for the society and their problems should be addressed by these people. The Intelligent society creators are the university teachers. But these days the universities in our country are not able to deliver the desired outputs. The requirements and problems of the society are not being addressed by these scientists and social scientists from the university. The think tank of the country should have a serious thought process and make the university more alive and see that the society will get benefited from the useful work of these Universities. The Society should come forward and put forward their problems and the Universities should respond positively to help the society to come out of the problems. Then only we can say that the huge money spent on these Universities is getting converted to the benefits of the society. The Industry should get the required support from the Universities and these institutes should become the R&D centres of the Industries in the country. Then definitely our country will progress and compete with the other developed countries.
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    A thoughtful thread, there is a wide gap between the real aims of universities and the problems of research. The Government should involve these experts to find a problem to the solutions. Social scientists could have been very helpful in assessing the impact of the internet, the problems with water sharing, the views of people in different states to the problem of population expansion etc.
    To have meaningful inputs from such experts, we need to fund and nurture research. If ISRO is successful today, it is due to the dedication of its team, the funding and the years of research. Similarly, we should implement the model in public research, sanitation etc. We cannot get quality PhD scientists from everywhere, we need to set up centers of excellence with the infrastructure to support it.

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