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    Do we feel shy in taking mental patient to psychiatrist?

    There are some people who are having some sort of mental disorder like depression etc. These people require psychiatric counselling and consultation. After the consultation the psychiatrist can also prescribe some appropriate medicines as per the case.

    It is observed that in many families if such a case exists, the family members feel shy in taking the affected person to psychiatric consultation fearing that society will make fun of it.

    Due to this many times the patient do not get a timely engagement with the expert of this field.

    Should not we take such patients to psychiatrist in time?
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    Its really a shame that people in society have got such sentiments/thoughts. How can you feel ashamed to take your relatives/friends or closed ones to psychiatrist? We should always put ourselves in others shoes before doing any such acts! Its wrong thought and we should not be feeling ashamed to say that we are taking someone to psychiatrist.Who else would take care if we keep thinking of society who makes fun?

    Everybody on this earth is born with some or other issues or falls in trap of issues in journey of life and we should help each other to lead a peaceful life ignoring such people who make fun of our problems or concerns.

    Mental disorders need to be attended promptly and its not a fun stock for anybody

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    Yes do go with the author on this observation but it is very much wrong to keep aloof the mentally retarded person and deny the medical attention. I know some of friends who have such persons in the home and I do meet and exchange pleasantries with them. Actually mentally retarded persons can be brought to normal mode if we converse with them to their understanding capacity and in fact they would be yearning to have interaction with others in normal course and people would shy away from them. Though it is difficult for us to deal with them, but upon a systematic approach, they do cooperate better than expected and thus even the doctors would be insisting us to accompany the patient in future. One of the girl who was mentally upset always like chikki to eat and while going to doctor also she would chew that and cooperate. That was the understanding part.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think it would be better to include this point in the discussion that is on in this thread on Schizophrenia.
    Our request to be a bit careful while raising threads still stands.

    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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