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    Those who can create good contents on their own are most "welcome"to join ISC.

    India Study Channel has been creating wonders in the Internet world, thanks to the overwhelming presence of dedicated content writers for this site since its inception. There has been consistent demand and requirement for the quality content writer and the doors are always open for the aspirants in this site, who has the niche to create self written post on any topic and who has the capacity to respond and answer those threads which are appearing in wholesome in forum and ask experts sections.

    If you have the zeal and courage to append your best thoughts, then India study channel is the best site to show case your profess. If you are new and got inspired by this invitation, then you are most Welcome to this family.

    Entry to the Tow topic- Welcome
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    It is true that quality content with originality is welcome everywhere. It is like the fresh breeze of air.

    We read many things but few of us have a capability to reproduce it with new dimensions and angles. There are many films on the same theme and resembling ideas but there presentation makes them unique.

    This is the imigination and creativenss of a person which makes his writings different from the common writers.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A good welcome statement by Mohan and the way he welcomed the new members is very pleasant. I feel there is a good scope for the people who can present themselves nicely with their writings can flourish on this site. The promoters and their management staff are doing a very good service to the members by allowing them to learn and at the same time to earn by participating on the site. There are very good members who can write and make very good presentations from whom many are learning and trying to improve their skills. The beginners will be encouraged by the site to improve their skills and the talent will be recognised. So every one of us should invite our friends and known persons to come and join this site which will be for the mutual benefit. A good thread by Mohan and the thread may be suitable for appreciation and reward, I feel.
    always confident

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    ISC was always my favorite site where we can find anything and everything. Especially the original content. Although I was unable to contribute previously because of my profession, now am back. I am actively participating in every area where I can throughout this channel. And yes, everyone who has the ability to answer or post unique content are welcome with broad hands.
    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Certainly, the truth and such creative people would be welcome in ISC. ISC is like the playground wherein it has something to offer for everyone. For visitors to just have a glance, some members prefer to be in the background, contributing now and then.
    For someone who has a creative streak, they can enhance their skills and net visibility by participating in forums, questions, articles etc.
    Depending on the passion for writing, they tend to regularly post threads, informative relevant replies, and suggestions.
    We should welcome new members and encourage them to be regular in the initial days. I mean, they should not feel aloof once they join and there should be an incentive to post forum threads. The existing members should answer these threads as much as possible to make the members feel that they are welcomed in ISC.

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