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    Auctions of professionals: a new form of recruitment?

    India is the land of cricket and IPL drives fans crazy and rules their lives for a few months.

    Cricketers are professionals who have various standards and rules that govern their performance and conduct.

    Similarly, there are many services sectors where those who are employed are considered as professionals in their own spheres.

    Traditionally auctions are carried out for sale of property, consumables, and antiques. In the past, people from the poor background were auctioned as slaves for various needs.

    Are there any current professions wherein humans are auctioned for their skills like in IPL? Would we as professionals like to be auctioned? or it is a new form of recruitment that can be extended to other service sectors?
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    I appreciate the interesting and thought provoking thread posted by the author.

    It is really a shameful word being used by the media and actually being exercised in IPL. Are we as a professional meant to be auctioned. Is talent a thing to be sold in the auction house.

    It is unfortunate that media instead of condemning such things showing it in their respective channels as a thing of prestige.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This has been in practice in other popular games like English Premier League (soccer) since many years. Even there the football clubs will bid higher to get the players into their team. Similarly, Indian Premier League (IPL) has started the same, more or less. But in both cases everyone must remember that it is because of the performance and talent of the player, various franchises will try to get him by quoting higher amounts. It is not the individual that is being auctioned or sold here. It is his talent. In my opinion, these players train and practice very hard and they deserve the money which they get through this method. Although the player who is bought for the highest amount may fail to perform to his best, it is yet a great chance to prove themselves.

    Sadly many of us see the currency for which a franchise has bought him but not his performance records. Even the respective cricket boards of different countries watch the matches of IPL closely to evaluate the performance of the players. I guess this is a very good opportunity for players as well as a good viewing game for viewers where players of different countries come together as a team.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Auctioning as Individual looks awkward. They can say selection. It is similar to walk in interviews, Can we say? Here these professional sports person may have to give his consent to participate in the auction. That will be his application. But here there is no talent testing on the spot. The team owners will take their past records as their qualification and experience. Then the team owners will say how much they can pay. This is more or less getting remuneration for his experience and skills. I think we have taken the word auction from other clubs in foreign countries where this kind of matches will be happening.
    As far as I know this kind of auction in other fields, other than sports, I have not heard. If anybody wants a service of the professional the required company may contact the individual and they both may come to an understanding.

    always confident

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