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    Do you care for stray animals?

    In any city or town or village, we find stray animals like dogs, cats, pigs etc running from here to there in search of food and small shelter places in the corners of the buildings, below the garden chairs, in the verandas of closed shops etc.

    Some people feed them while others simply shout on them and whisk them away. They are the miserable ones suffering in cold and heat in the open spaces.

    In our country we do not have any pet care policy or pet care homes where these stray animals can be kept. Even if Govt wants to do something on this account it will be a massive task.

    What is your opinion whether we should feed these stray animals or leave them on the mercy of nature?
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    The problem of stray animals is everywhere in our country. If you feed them and protect them then they will multiply and create more nuisance in the neighbourhood.

    In developed countries their Govt have almost wiped out these animals by removing them from the streets and either keeping them in pet home or leaving them in jungle areas.

    So far no such step has been taken in our country. Some people out of kindness feed these stray animals. As per them it is humnistic approach to help and protect animals.

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    This is a very challenging issue in our country. There are many stray animals in India which need care. Especially dogs, there are huge amounts of stray dogs and we can see them everywhere. I would like to take care of them and even I did. We had a huge problem within our locality. There were nearly 17 stray dogs aging from months to years. They always bark at nights (continuously) disturbing the sleep of everyone and also a posed a constant menace to newborn human kids who get disturbed in sleep during nights. People in locality decided to kill them at one stage. But many opposed that too. We have filed a complaint with our municipal office, we even requested Blue Cross to take them. But nothing helped. Most of our houses in our locality are apartments and hence adopting them or taking care of them posed another hurdle since there will be many who agree and disagree.

    So we had a meeting with all our neighborhood members. We decided to adopt each dog per family, neuter them so that they cannot reproduce and then find a permanent home for them. Many came forward to adopt them and it was a great success. Each member of the family initially made friendship with those stray dogs by feeding them. Then they slowly took those dogs to their home where they took care of them. We appointed a vet who can neuter them for nominal charges. Nearly 28 families (including mine) took care of these 17 dogs and within 6 months, most of them are having theirs forever home.

    Since it is a locality this has been possible. But throughout India, it is a massive challenge. The first thing we must do is neuter the stray animals so that there won't be any uncontrolled reproduction. There are many organizations which work towards taking care of these animals. One such organization which has amazing stories is Animal Aid Unlimited. This organization is doing a tremendous job in taking care of these stray animals. People from the foreign countries are visiting this group and are donating funds too. They have great videos of transforming severely injured animals to a healthy loving state. We need such organizations along with the help of government. The government should amend some pet policies to see the success.

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    The problem of stray animals is there everywhere in our country. Like human population, the population these stray dogs is also high in our country. That is why government also is not able to do anything to solve the problem of these stray animals. These animals move across the roads and create traffic problems also. In many colonies, the stray dogs bark too much and create a problem in the nights. In our colony, there is a family who feeds the stray dogs on regular basis. So those dogs will not leave the place. Even sometimes the Blue cross persons come there to take away these dogs but that house owner never allows them to take away those dogs. They will be moving around that colony only. Bu any chance a new dog comes that way these dogs create havoc there and see that the new dog will run away from there. Early in the morning and late the night they create problems to the people who go by that way for their works. Almost 15 to 20 dogs will be there always in one street of that colony.
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    There are about 15 wonderful animal welfare organisations in India doing good service for the stray domestic animals and some care for abandoned animals from the wild. The problem of stray animals is like two sides of the coin. On one side it is sad to see the stray dogs, cats, old cows and horses (that are abandoned by their human masters as they are too old) that suffer for food and shelter.
    Some of the cows suffer with dangerous amounts of plastic waste that at times block their intestines causing them misery.I think, the Government simply does not have the infrastructure and the funds to handle the care of stray animals.
    On the other side is the stray dog menace with regular reports of attacks on two wheeler drivers, infants and children being mauled. I would encourage feeding but be cautious about petting them and coming in close contact with them.

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    Yesterday only i thought of the stray animals. Not only in villages but cities also have such stray animals. Yesterday when I took my brother's daughter to the park, she frightened by seeing a stray dog, as usual I told her not to get frightened and it wouldn't do anything. But immediately my thought went back to my childhood as my father told the same word on my fear of stray dogs. So, it is clear that the stray animals for ever and we should get alert ourselves.

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    In any colony there would be many number of dogs and cats and there are other stray animals like pigs and cows too. While the dogs are having their own territory and wont allow other dogs or other animals to venture into their area and have food offered by the residents as residue, other animals wont get the share. Cats have the character of stealing and thus it will also survive. It is the pig and the cow which are neglected as the dogs wont allow these animals to enter their area. So we are duty bound to offer food to those animals which are deprived of food by other animals.
    K Mohan
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