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    The moment India stood still

    I don't remember about the 1983 Cricket world cup final nor I have watched in TV or heard the commentary in Radio. However, the 25th June 1983 at the final of the match. When Sir Viv Richards hit the ball high in Mid Wicket area and the captain Kapil Dev was running from his backward position under the ball to catch it, as I have heard from different people that entire India stood still, till the ball held by Kapil. Those who were listening AIR or watching TV had literally no moment.

    The next moment came in Mumbai Wankhede stadium in 2nd April 2011, when the Captain Dhoni hit the Kulusekara's ball high in the sky. For a few second the entire India were stood still. I too witness the magical moment while watching in TV. And, the roaring sound after few silent second was nothing but thrilling.

    If you have any such magical moment to talk about, please share it here.
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    When India stood still.

    Well if we could take an example of 26.11.2008, when we got hit by a terrorist attack in Mumbai. Everyone stood still unable to think about anything happening in Mumbai Terror Attack.

    Kasab was caught & was finally got hanged.

    Another instance could be Parliament attack date back to 13 December 2001.

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    Yes. The Whole India stood still when they came to know about the attack of terrorists on Parliament in 2001.
    Like that whenever there was a brutal act from the terrorist and innocents loose life India is in distress and trying to convey their condolences by standing still. I remember the day our Ex-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi got assassinated, the news went around like a wildfire and whole nation stood still with a lot of grief. Those days TVs were very less. So when her funeral has live telecasted the houses of the TV owners were full of visitors and none moved still the total live telecast was over.

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    India stood still and dump stuck on the 8th Nov 2016 when PM Modi announced note ban and that was the biggest shock of century to those who had huge amount of higher denominations.
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    Not only India, the whole world stood still until our ISRO rocket launched 100 satellites at once into space. This moment marked a history of Indians as well as the entire world. I was so silent and nerve-wrecked until the scientists said that the mission was successful. Then, a huge boom of applause.
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    I would go with the 1983 World Cup moment. As a teenager without any TV, we listened to the radio. In our neighborhood, even after the win, we did not realize the gravity or how big was the win until we heard about our historic win in the papers and news, at school, subsequently. Although I did not see it live when ever I watch the highlights about Mohinder Amarnath's deceptive bowling run-up, the wickets he took, the dejected look of helplessness in the face of Jeff Dujon when he gets out is magical.

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    Seventy years ago, on this very day, that is 30th of January 1948, Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by a mindless person called Nathuram Godse. It was the day the entire nation and the entire world stood still.
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