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    Anyone going for an MRI scan.Please be careful.

    Many hospital use MRI scans - Magnetic Resonance Imaging, to assess various diseases including joint pains, sports injury, cancers of the rectum etc. The MRI basically works of the prinicapl of applying a strong magnetic field to align the protons (found in water moleucles in the body tissues).

    There is a report in major newspaper that a visitor sadly lost his life, when he went along with his relative for a MRI scan in Mumbai. He was allegedly told to carry an oxygen cylinder. The MRI machine in simple terms is a very powerful magnet.

    To give an idea, the basic earth's magnetic filed is around 0.5 gauss, the MRI used a field that is around 5,000-30,000 gauss. You can google to see pictures of metal objects (chairs, beds, trolleys) are sucked to a MRI machine

    Any metal is prohibited in the MRI scanner room.Anyone having a pacemaker, metallic clips within the brain, metal implants for bones/ old fractures, pacemakers etc are NOT candidates for a MRI scan.

    Some people have non-ferromagnetic implants that can be allowed but it would distort the image. So, if anyone knows someone going for a MRI scan, please ensure that the details are doubly checked and verified by the MRI team (technician and radiologists). Any metal components like, keys, safety pins, IV fluid drip stands, chains, watches all have to be removed.
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    A good information by the author. These days MRI scanning has become an important tool to identify various health problems and the doctors depend more on these diagnostics to decide on the ailment. Many Diagnostic Centres are trying to equip themselves with the equipment but they don't have the suitable manpower to handle the instruments carefully. So one should go to a lab which is having NABL accreditation only. Many small laboratories visit the doctors and take their affiliations but afterwards, the mistakes committed by then will be proved costly to the patient. So we should be careful in selecting the lab also. Generally, the staff of the lab should tell all DOs and Don'ts to the patients before they take them to the scanning room and they should take care that these type of problems will not come. Only in places where we don't find qualified people only, we will be in trouble. As advised by the author the people should take all necessary precautions.
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    What a right time you have posted this Mr Natarajan!

    My colleagues relative passed away during MRI Scan as he had a pacemaker and he died on the spot. His wife was uneducated and the person conducting the MRI scan didn't cross verify with the patient and they were ignorant of this fact.

    My colleague was so terrified after this incident as she also had to take her mother for an MRI Scan but this incident of her relatives instant death during the MRI scan was a cause of worry for her. So, she took opinions from many doctors, they were all positive about the MRI scan that its safe to do unless there was any metal inside her. The day she had to undergo MRI scan, there were different questionnaire to be answered such as do you have a pacemaker, any metal etc and one such question was , had she undergone a root canal. Her mother had done root canal just a few weeks back so the MRI got cancelled as it would be dangerous. My colleague was so relieved that it got cancelled.

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    The news item running in the social network and this information gave by the author and others do give the panic reaction for the patients who are suppose to go through MRI to decide future treatment.
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