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    The Perfect Resolution

    Happy 2k18.
    Another New Year is here.
    Like every year we all are making celebrations , new wishes , checklist and also one of the most common thing each year is a "New Year Resolution".

    What are your New Year Resolutions?
    Words we get to hear after Happy New Year.
    Yes very important to make resolutions . But it is more important to stick on that on follow them.
    New Year is not a time to make lots of resolutions ; make one or so and stick on them.
    Its a new start.
    A Book full of 365 Blank Pages to be filled it in.
    Fill it in your way with happiness , joy and success.

    Make Resolutions every Month.:-
    This is one of the my way of making resolutions instead of making resolutions each year ; why not make resolutions each month. Which will let you know how more you need to grow and changes you need.

    Change Resolutions according to month and previoud month targets and accomplishment. Importantly try to accomplish the month's goals and targets that month only.; so that you may focus on next month.

    It may be tough at first . But you have to accept that beginning is always hardest. But this doesn't mean you'll skip your resolutions for a month or even a day.

    "I Believe
    Until you're following the resolution. Its under your control.
    You skip it one day
    It will control YOU".

    You are the Best Person to Control your situations.
    What i think is you're the person who create the situations either good or bad.

    So make your situations according to what you want.
    Stick to the resolutions which you made to change something for a better you.

    Stick on them... and they'll approach you.

    At one point in your life you either have the things you want or the reasons why you won't.
    Its upon you what you want the "Things" or the "Reasons".

    Giving up is not the solution for tough situations .
    Never !!
    Stand up & Fight....
    There may be several situations where you want not to follow the resolution and give up.

    But wait ...

    That was not in your Bucket List & Resolutions list.
    So why doing that ?
    Completing Resolutions will make you happy .
    So try not to skip them

    "You Made Resolutions to complete not to Giveaway"
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    Welcome to ISC. It's nice to post about the new year as we have just completed the first month. We have had a few similar threads on resolutions for the new year, hence I think, this thread is left unanswered.
    You are welcome to post some thread related to topics that impact the daily lives of the common man. Be it politics, finance, human values as long as it's not inappropriate the regular members will reply. I think the formatting has changed because the additional symbols have made the paragraphs mis aligned.

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    A good message. A very nice advice from the author. Don't aim for more. But aim for the tough. Don't leave it in the middle. See that your resolution is fulfilled. The essence is very good. Aiming too many and getting up things messy is never advisable. Make a point and try the same. If there are any odds fight them out. Don't skip/ Making too many resolutions and achieving nothing is not at all a best practice. Make one or two resolutions and plan them properly and follow the plan and achieve the result. A very nice message and everyone should try this practice. I appreciate the author for his nice statement.
    always confident

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