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    A query regarding AdSense revenue sharing with response in article

    Response or comment on an article increases the value of that article. ISC also allows posting comment or response to each article. I want to know how ISC gives AdSense revenue sharing to the member who posts comment or response in an article. In what proportion, AdSense revenue sharing is given to the original author (of an article) and member (who comment on it)? How long does this sharing continue? What if the respondent/commenter does not have an approved AdSense account?
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    It is not given to the persons who post responses to the articles. Only the author of the article will get AdSense revenue share in the 90% . 10 % goes to ISC. It is for one year.

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    yes, and after one year 100% Adsense revenue goes to ISC.
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    Refer to comment #624689. Your answer is incorrect.

    1. There are many instances where the Webmasters have extended the period for which members can earn Adsense. A number of active members' Adsense revenue share period has been extended from one year to longer durations. Such privilege is granted to members who are consistent and submit good quality posts. The webmasters do it on their own, based on the members' contributions and perhaps recommendations.
    2. Members also have the options of republishing their articles. Every article that gets republished automatically qualifies for another year of Adsense revenue, starting from the new date.

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    As long as the author has the approval regarding extension of adsense revenue approval from the webmaster, the author would be enjoying the benefit as mentioned above.
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