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    Microwave Oven- An invention by accident

    Many inventions will take place when the great people are working on some other problem. One such invention is a Microwave Oven.
    In the 1940s, Mr.Percy Percy, an expert in radar tube designing was standing in front of an active radar set. After some time he noticed that the chocolate in his pocket got melted up. So he wanted to know how it happened. He created a high-density electromagnetic field in a metal box and observed that the items are getting heated up. Basing on this observation he designed the microwave oven. Now it has become a common item in almost all kitchens mainly in cities and where both wife and husband are employed.
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    Great to know the microwave that we commonly use. Such things like Mr. Precy Spencer noticing the chocolate melting shows the importance of having an inquisitive mind and a curiosity to know things. I think we should encourage our children to think and ask why things happen.
    I just read that, the first microwave was called 'Radarrange' and it weighed 750 pounds! Apart from his salary, Mr. Spencer received a one-time payment of just 2 dollars for his invention!

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