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    God is everything and everything else is nothing. I saw this written on auto, Any comment ?

    In Hyderabad on the back of auto we would see some good messages in Urdu or English and today I came across this message " God is everything and everything else is nothing " which made me to thing over again and again, Yes we are running after money, material, pride, name and fame but nothing would come with us. And we are forgetting the God in good times and remember in bad times. That is wrong. What is your opinion on this and how would you infer with the heading and give your explanation.
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    There are people who believe the existence of God. There are people who never accept the existence of the God. As told by Prahalada to his father, the God is anywhere and everywhere if you look for him. Only thing is whether you can see him or not depends on your belief. The God will come before only when there is a situation in which his presence in the must. The time for Hiranyakasipa has approached and he has to die. That is why on that particular day God appeared and came out from the pillar.
    Probably the Auto owner or driver is having a faith in the God and he wanted to show that by writing on the back of the auto. The existence of God is a belief and it your choice. We should remember hin all 24X7. Not only when we are in difficulties but also when we are satisfied also. That is why elders say before you start eating you should thank God for the food on that day and then start eating.

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    You believe something because you can feel the same in either of the below ways,
    1. Touch
    2. Smell
    3. Sight
    4. Taste
    5. Sound

    In this society, we have atheists as well as religious persons who blindly follow his path. The belief in God is beyond the above aspects and can be in the evergreen argument of its presence.

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    People who beleive in God will agree with this, people who question the existence of God would say it's meaningless.
    If we believe in God, we would accept that he is omnipresent,he is literally in our daily lives with us. We should not just blindly put everything in the name of God and sit back at home, nothing will happen. We need to put in our effort and hard work in whatever good we do, then it's up to Him to guide us in our venture to succeed or another learning experience.
    The second part is more realistic to us if you think at a higher level, nothing is more important than the good things we associate with God, purity, honesty, helping others, being healthy. Riches, power, luxuries of life come after all the above.
    I agree with you, many of us think about God in difficult times and forget Him during good times.

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