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    Do the collectors prepare their own speech or depend on their secretaries ?

    One of the most famous collector of Telangana while addressing the Republic day parade, she split into laughter many a times while reading the text. Probably she detected the wordings may be wrong or in appropriate, or the sentence itself was wrong. But her speech was more interrupted by herself many a time splitting into laughter and also having water. That made me amused. A collector is supposed to be next person after the governor and she has the most high responsibility to behave in public. What is your view on this ?
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    Even the speech of the collector made by someone also, it is the minimum duty of the collector to go through the contents and verify the whole speech and if any changes she wanted she should get it done. Instead of that reading the speech on the stage directly without verifying before shows the importance given by the Collector to that particular function. I think this is really a bad issue and a collector should not behave like this. I have seen some collectors who speak extempore without any written document and there are collectors who read the speech also. All IAS officers are supposed to be the intelligent and good administrative guys. As such a collector coming to the function without preparing for the speech is a little unbelievable.
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    Collectors may prepare their own speech or may take the assistance of their secretaries or particular department heads and read it out or may even deliver an extempore speech. Let us not generalize a point just because Amrapali Kata, the Warangal Urban Collector, burst into laughter between her speech during the Republic Day function. She has already been recognized as an able administrator and a good officer and the incident, though inappropriate, may be taken as an automatic human reaction to one's own follies.
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    I think what makes it a matter of concern is that the speech was at the Republic Day Parade and not any inaugural or social function she is gracing. Maybe we public are used to seeing serious faced collectors and are stunned by this young lady collector laughing.
    Collectors can prepare or depend on the secretaries or speech writers to do it. It looks like it was out of script and she probably found errors or did not understand the writing. There are some reports that the words were too difficult for her to pronounce.
    I'm sure she would be trawled for her behavior and laughing.

    It sounds a little like the embarrassing situation like that of our external affairs minister reading out the Portuguese speech at UN in 2011.

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    And while she was reading the award got by Warangal Municipality for Swatchh Bharath she burst into laughter.
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