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    Super blood blue moon on this January 31st.

    A very rare incident is taking place on this January 31st. A lunar special day - three happenings together - an extra big super moon, a blue moon and a total lunar eclips.A blue moon refers to a second full moon in a month.
    This can happen every two years and eight months. This time it is a super moon too. Because it is very close to earth in its orbit. This makes the moon appear 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter. During the eclipse the moon will glide into Earth' s shadow, gradually turning the white disk of light to Orange or red. The alignment of the three, viz. Sun, Moon and Earth will last one hour and 16 minutes. This phenomenon can be observed in the evening on 31st of this month when moon rises, may be around 6.30 pm. One can see it with naked eyes.
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    Yes. Complete Lunar Eclipse will take place on 31st of this month. As per the calendar the eclipse will start around 5.30 PM in Hyderabad and will be there 8.30 Pm. Now I came to know that this time this a super moon and blue moon also. A combination of all the three features will be very rare. This time it is happening. We can see the eclipse on that day night.
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    Yes, I read about this in the newspaper. It was written that it happens after every 150 year when there is supermoon, blood moon and the blue moon. It can be observed on 31 January evening.

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    A timely post to update readers about the unusual celestial spectacle.A big moon, blood moon, blue moon. At our homes, some elders feel it is not auspicious to see the lunar eclipse directly. Cooked food is not stored during the eclipse. After the eclipse, the ladies of the house have a bath and then cook food.

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    Thank you, author, for an update on the great astronomical event. This also has its spiritual and scientific meaning. We should always follow rules and advice given to us by our ancestors by Puran and Vedas.
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    One of the residents in our apartment complex worked with NASA, before returning to India. He always sets up telescopes in the campus, whenever there is a rare celestial occurrence. He is setting up two telescopes, on the grounds, this evening, so residents can view the spectacle.
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    I could observe some changes in the moon yesterday itself (maybe I felt so); it was looking closer and brighter. I am waiting to see the rare celestial occurrence which takes place only once in hundred years or so. Only hope we have a clear sky tonight!
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    Biggest moon amuse big minds!
    Who are all going to post brightest moon photos in this forum tomorrow?

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    No photos in Forum, please. Interested members are requested to utilize our photo section.
    “Give instructions only to those people who seek knowledge after they have discovered their ignorance.”-Confucius

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    Couldn't see the red moon, saw the eclipse, the moon does look bigger than the normal what we are used to see.

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    Definitely, this is a rare event. I thank members posting all the detailed information about this celestial event.

    Eclipse is always a time for curiosity about the orientation and orbits of the heavenly bodies in our solar system and as they are more and less in one plane the situations for eclipse comng now and then present a panaromic picture which can be enjoyed with naked eye or telescope.

    This is really a great time for amateur star watchers as well as professional astronomers.

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    These are the times when I feel pain of being in Metro City where the open sky get covered by tall buildings. As the time start of eclipse, I went out and try to searched the super moon, but I was not able to do because of tall buildings in our office area. With sad feeling, me and one of my colleague went to terrace but it was locked we could not find watchman either to ask him to open the terrace door.

    As I came out of my work, I prefer to walk so that I can see the moon and it took 15 minutes to locate the moon when I reach the traffic signal where I could see little sky open. I could see a Crescent Moon. By the time I reached home, it was all over but I could see the brighter and bigger Moon smiling all the way.

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    I really enjoyed watching this phenomenon from the rooftop and at the beginning, it was different colored and light but later its brightness was eye-catching. People were saying you shouldn't watch this and various superstitious things but I really wanted to see it and so didn't pay any heed to what they were saying and watched it.
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    A feat to eyes, watching this lunar eclipse yesterday night. I and my older son were on our terrace from the beginning till the end. He has taken the photographs during different stages of the eclipse. The colour changes are excellent.
    I feel proud that our calendar makers are so accurate in calculating the start and end time of eclipse and they are accurate to seconds. They are not scientists but with their mathematical and other skills, they are able to predict the things so accurately. My salutations to them.
    We spent full time watching the three stages of the moon. Everybody around was on their rooftops only to see the great event. A nice and memorable event.

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    It is nice to see that many of our distinguished members have witnessed the rare phenomenon that took place on 31st Jan. 20018 in the sky. I also could see the latter part. The first half in which the moon was moving towards darkness could not be seen clearly since it was before the Sun set. However the moon coming out of the shade was clear. Because of this the colour changes were not clear.
    The correct time schedule was provided by the India MeteoMeteorological department, not the Calendar makers. They just quote it.


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