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    What the present youngsters missed

    We,those who aged above 35 are the last generation in enjoying the following: with buttons
    2.Seeing Ladies with face in turmeric
    3.seen,known about telegrams
    4.eating tiffin,lunch and dinner in marriage halls served by the hands of our own relatives
    5.writing letters to friend and relatives
    6.watching chitrahar/sound &light cine songs tn television
    7.seen pictures in black &white in television and in theaters.
    8.seen the results through newspapers
    9.seen the television with doors
    10.heard songs through audio cassettes
    11.used vhs video cassettes
    12.received school results through post card
    13.bought school books by selling old books
    14.watched film in tent theaters by sitting on floor
    15.seen 50,25,20,10,5,2,1 paisa coins
    16.used radio and heard film sound track
    17.built house in sand
    18.used guides for school subjects
    19.seen bald headed animation of india
    20.played with wheeling of palm fruit shells
    Present youngsters missed the above pleasures.
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    What is number 19?

    Can you or anyone else please explain what "Seen bald headed animation of India" means. I tried but failed to figure out what it means.

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    I am not able to understand Point No:19. All others I have seen, experienced and enjoyed. I have written letters and I received letters. I have gone to neighbors house to see B&W cinema in a portable TV. i heard songs in radio from station where Meenakshi Pannudorai was the anchor. I used pencils, slates, slate pencils also for learning. I have seen all the coins mentioned. All these are outdated now and many of the people who are in their 30s and below might not have seen these. I have the experience of using Kerosene lamps for studying. When we say these points to young people they may laugh at us.
    I request the author to explain the point 19 so that we will also understand what is that point.
    But as young people we missed many things which are being enjoyed by them these days.

    always confident

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    When mobile phones came to India they had long antennas that stuck out. It was fashionable to own one. They were a luxury, not a necessity.

    Just yesterday, I saw a woman with turmeric on her face. But, yes nowadays it is not so common today. Earlier when I used to visit Chennai, I'd see women walking around with yellow faces. Never understood why - it 's not done in the Northern parts.

    Some televisions came with sliding doors and some had shutters. Back then, these television sets were the focal point in the living room. We had an EC television and it had beautiful shutter doors. Much later when dad was discarding it, I had him remove the shutters. I used them as tops for two peg-tables. I still have them.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Mr Ramachandran, a quick reading of the thread does point towards a translation and we could relate to most of the points though we had to fall back to Tamil Nadu for a few of them. But the one at Sl no. 19 is not clear as has already been stated in the responses above. It would be nice if you could kindly clarify the same.
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    I would consider myself lucky to experience most of them. Except that I haven't seen black and white movies in a theatre. The same will repeat in future generations where we are experiencing today will be outdated in future generations. It is a cycle of life and technology. The transformation phase will never end. But the alarming part is that kids these days are lacking social interaction and are always stuck with their mobiles, laptops or any other gadget. In olden days we used to gather after school and we would all play together. The interaction with society and family is missing from the present generation.

    But I am proud and happy to experience what all you have mentioned in this post (except B&W Movies in theatres). I did not understand what you meant in point 19. Could you please elaborate or explain what does it mean?

    Thank You
    Dr. V. Shashikanth

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    Mr Pattabiraman,
    S No 2 & 19 are confusing…

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    It was a common practice in Tamil Nadu for women to apply turmeric paste (haldi) on their face. Since turmeric has a rich yellow colour their faces would be stained yellow. It was common to see women walking around with their faces coloured turmeric yellow. I am not sure whether they did so for religious reasons or as some kind of beautification ritual. However, nowadays, you no longer see women with turmeric on their face.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    Is turmeric act like sunscreen lotion? I heard that the extracts from the turmeric can kill the bacteria, viruses and fungi. I am not sure.

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    Glad that the author has mentioned all the things we enjoyed.
    1.mobiles- we had flip covers and bulky sets
    2.turmeric on face- In TamilNadu women apply this in the mornings on religious festivals or a friday often.
    3.telegrams- I still remember the thin strip of typed pale blue words that would be pasted on a brown paper.Often it would mean news to be concerned.

    4.relatives serving in marriage halls- if they don't it would be an insult, especially if the people eating the food are close relatives from the boy's side.
    5.writing letters was an art- the best was writing to pen friends in an 'England letter'(inland was told to us as England).
    6.Chitrahaar, Chitramangari,top 10 etc were the best songs to see and enjoy.

    7.B&W TVs were what we had to start with. The screen would be grey and would emit a dull blue light that vanishes with a ping and a final dot when you switched it off
    8. Matriculation results and UPSC exam results would in fine print in local papers.
    9.We used to always be amazed about how the TV doors bend and slide back to the sides of the plywood boxes(it would like sticks on a chain link).

    I can go on but its great to have nostalgic memories of the things we had, I would like to add that trousers or pants in villages were rare, so if you go in a bell bottom pant, people in the villages would stare at you. I think our children would be telling the same some decades later, that the effect of the cycle of change.

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