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    Eye catching slogans

    My college professor use to tell,while taking Marketing Management classes,that to stand in the market product should advertised with catchy slogans. Yesterday I saw one catchy slogan, 'footboard travel and missing to pay gold loan interest are same as if one mild slip leads to heavy loss'. This is good to note.
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    Yes some slogans are very impressive and attractive too. And they tempt us to get more details. The other day saw the slogan or the byline of the Siemens company which states that " we also make washing machine" Likewise the Army school situated in Secunderabad has a very good slogan. " We not only teach but also educate "
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There are many slogans written in many places. When we travel we notice them and feel happy and we try to memories that so that we can use them where it will fir. I have seen a slogan which says, Trees are the lungs of earth, don't spoil them. Similarly another slogan I have seen, " Even illness also will become wellness if I is replaced with WE.
    Like that we will experience many slogans of good quality.

    always confident

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    Marketing is an art, I had been to a free marketing session a couple of years back. The speaker mentioned that, if you are a good marketing person you should be able to sell sand to the nomads in a desert. There would be many such slogans for them, in marketing content and presentation sells more than quality. Some of us at supermarkets and malls do fall into the trap of marketing strategies and end up buying things that we never wanted to in the first place.

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