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    Do you get frightened or attention diverted with multi tone horns being blown by four wheeler ?

    The noise pollution in Hyderabad has been controlled to large extent as it is evident from the details given by Hyderabad traffic police. . As against 2700 total cases were booked during 2015, the next year it came down to 1626 cases. Last year the total noise pollution cases booked were just 460. In that list what has to be appreciated that with constant vigil from the traffic police the multi tone horns cases were drastically reduced since two years. Most of the modern cars are fitted with multi tone horns which really give challenging situations for other road users. What is your view on this, do you protest on such horns or just give way to that vehicle ?
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    I don't whether the incidents reduced or they are not coming to the attention of the police. The traffic is increasing. I am not finding any reduction in the traffic even after metro starting. So the drivers are usual. But I feel there is no reduction in actual position. Six months back when I was going to office I was seeing less vehicles in 2 or 3 places on the way. But these days there are also more vehicles and the sound they create with horns is not at all tolerable. But booked cases are less. Yesterday when I am coming back from my office a vehicle coming fast with continuously blowing the horn as if an ambulance is following. My driver shouted on that fellow. But no use he crossed us continuing his sounds. Definitely this is a bad practice and we should not encourage this practice.
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    I find the loud honking annoying and disturbing especially if one is riding a two-wheeler. What happens is suddenly the loud noise very close, startles you and you tend to move to the left or right only to see that you are dangerously close to another vehicle. In Bangalore, such loud horns are reduced but the traffic and rest of the noise is every increasing.
    The private buses and the cabs keep honking and have got addicted to keeping their fingers on the horn continuously. Another disturbing trend in the new fast motorbikes who zigzag in and out at high speeds with continuously sounding the horn. This upsets the thinking of other drivers and pedestrians who are walking at the very edge of a narrow footpath. We have had a no horn days, i don't think it was very successful as I did not find any difference.

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