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    Inverse Mandela effect in ISC

    Mandela effect. I'm not sure if I or any other member posted about it here before so I will just briefly summarize what it is.
    We all thought Mandela was dead in prison in 1970s ( assuming you were born then. Even I wasn't born back then ). But the truth is something else entirely.
    Essence is, Mandela effect is since then a phenomenon where a large group of people start believing something happened in the past when it quite didn't.

    It's a social flaw. There are a dozen more instances I can come up with about Mandela effect but that isn't the point.So, what would inverse Mandela effect be? Happenings in future that we didn't think or want to be happening.

    Well inverse Mandela effect is a stupid term I coined so don't bother using it elsewhere.

    Few days back, if I'm not wrong there was a post by T.M.Sankaran sir, which said not to post much about God or religion. that time there were hardly 2 or 3 such posts.
    I've been observing lately that 'God has invaded the forum section.'
    I'm not trying to point out anyone, I myself submitted a poem on God succumbing to this effect.

    I'm just trying to share my observation here that we often spark something that we don't desire.
    And our spark grows rapidly into a wildfire engulfing others' hearts.
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    Inverse Mandela Effect. I heard some thing about Mandela effect. But this term as told by the author coined by himself. Here nobody thought about this reverse effect. Yes. I have also seen one or two threads related God. But recently I have not seen any post regarding religion. Generally ISC will not encourage posts on religions as it will create unpleasant situations to all.
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    I was not aware of Mandela effect. Threads on religion and God would always be around. As long as we don't hurt the sentiments of other or make anti-national remarks, we can discuss them.

    I liked the last part of the thread, because it happens often in real life. Knowingly or unknowingly you start off something or draw unwanted attention that ends in further issues. This happens within teams, social groups etc.

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